sinco - Zen Junkie :wink:

How soon is soon? That video looks awesome.

I have been teased very well…

I can’t wait for the video.

Nice, I been waitin on another sinco video.

tomorrow i’ll tell you where we hide it :slight_smile:

okay, forget it, i’ve changed my mind :smiley:

Simply: WOW !

Probably the most beautiful trial video I have ever seen. Amazing cinematics.

OH, I was wondering, are you to tell us one day the secret of those huge hops?

Thanks a lot

This should be sold…

I didn’t want that to end. Everything about it was beautiful… the riding, the scenery, the filming, the music. Wow, incredible. Please do a full length DVD. I’m sure I’m speaking for most when I say that I would so totally buy it.

I’d just like to add that this is my favorite unicycle video, period.


That was so beautiful. Thanks you very much for this… coming from a unicyclist, filmaker, and a fan.

I would also buy a DVD.

Simply amazing.
You are a gifted editor.
Indeed, there should be a unicycle DVD from your hand.
About Fabian: realy amazed by his moves.
Nice rail riding and the gap over the stairs was so cool.
5 stars!!

Peter M

Ditto everything everyone alreadysaid. :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

The music was a nice change of pace for what I usually see in videos, but it didn’t seem to match the footage. Maybee I’m just not in the right frame of mind right now:o :thinking:

Oh man, really? Especially with how flowy everything was filmed I thought the music fit flawlessly.

Very well done vid and riding.

I am going to be in Budapest next month but I don’t think I can afford to bring my uni :angry: How sad!

Without a doubt among the top 3 uni vids ever. I think the music did the whole vid. But, of course, this would be nothing without Fabian’s great riding. And the editing was superb as well :o

Love this, definitely a keeper. So freaking chill, it’s awesome.

The stump gap was HUGE!

I can’t really say much that hasn’t already been said.
But this is right up there with Hodges and Atkins.


Everything about this video was amazing and perfect, the filming, the music, the riding, and the editing, but most of all how everything went together perfectly.


That video was amazing. Defently the best editting ive seen in a uni vid ever. And fabians riding complimented the great editting perfectly. I didn’t want it to end.

Great Job

just wondering… what program was this editted on?