sinco - Tear it Down



Some pretty cool tricks in there. Awesome flatland. I would of prefered it if it wasn’t so dark so I could actually see the riding though lol. I didn’t like the music or the gangsta feel of it either. O well, I loved Zen Junkie and the Krisz Shred. I guess this one just wasn’t my cup of tea. Good filming BTW.

Is Krisz still injured? When will he be back riding? I’d love to see more videos of him.

I didn’t like the music either. But I liked the start lol.
The sinco logos and shit looked so good in the intro. I thought the lighting was awesome. Camera was nice and smooth, fish eye lense.

Oh, the riding? Yeah thats nice too. Love the trick at 1:50.

You guys are going to make a DVD one day. And it will own.

I love everything about it, Benny is awesome. This is my favorite flat vid.

Pretty damn good but still doesnt beat zen junkie :sunglasses:

I only made it 1/2 way thru, the music was so repulsive I just turned it off. I guess the filthy lyrics are supposed to be cool

Lol!!! I didn’t even notice the lyrics :p!

I guess I’m desensitized.

Haha its the norm these days.Everything in the Top 20 seems to be rap or rnb nowadays

i’ll second that- great riding beautiful filming good beats.

this one’s a keeper:)

Wow I really fell for this vid, with the professional filming and all. Awesome riding, and overall a really really great vid.

Jim with a great video again !!!
Sinco videos are always amazing to watch :smiley:

One of the best uni vids I have ever seen. Loved everthing. The setting, the lighting, the riding, the camera work, the editing, the music, it was all perfect.

Great production value!


The filming, editing, the undergorund place… It’s really cool!!!

I liked the song, but I found the lighting made it kinda hard to see. I liked everything but the lighting basically. I need to watch it again now :wink:

Loved It! Nice to see a little freestyle with flat.
The ledwrap x5 (3:05) was sweet, so was the sideroll to hop on wheel sib (name?) to sideroll (1:14), 1:49, the 540 sidespin (2:32), and everything else.

This was the most enjoyable uni vid i’ve ever seen.

This took a step up with the perfect lighting, great camera work, and the music flowed nicely. A vid like this brings uni to a different level.

Can’t wait till the next vid.

I don’t know what to say. I am truely impressed.

Needed better lighting, personally, I didn’t like the music, other than that, great vid :slight_smile:

I think the people who are complaining about not being able to see just have their computer monitors set too dark, I could see it all perfectly and thought it was great.

no :sunglasses: