[sinco] - France pt. II (Paris)

In 2009 when we were in France, we had a quick trip to Paris, but we were into sightseeing so much, that we barely recorded anything, so it rather turned into a fun video. Anyways a year after the first part, finally here is the second.


Great one! I liked it more the second time watching, the song is great aswell.

it´s just the music that keeps it from being a “film noir” :wink: sweet video. like the plane part in the beginning.

I really like the camera work in this.

awesome work guys! :slight_smile: 3 540’s would of been awesome… crazy hick double and a half out of back roll thingy… whatever its called

All in favour of this becoming the official name of the trick say aye!


Aye :stuck_out_tongue:

I liked it. The 5-5-5 would have been so cool

thanks for your comments! :slight_smile: