Simpsons and Unicycles (Amended)

As far as I know there are three unicycle references in all seven seasons of
“The Simpsons”. The first is in episode 8F21 “The Otto Show”. Homer says “If
something’s hard to do, then it’s not worth doing. You just stick that guitar in
the closet next to your short wave radio, your karate outfit, and your UNICYCLE
and we’ll go inside and watch TV” Bart’s uni must have been one of those cheap
department store kind. And I have to disagree with Homer for once. It is
definitly worth doing.

The second is in 4F01 “Lisa’s Date with Destiny”. Among the stolen items
from Nelson’s locker was a blue unicycle. Who other than nelson would commit
such a crime.

The third is in the longest opening couch bit of them all, the Simpsons form a
rockette line and the wall moves out and behind is a circus including two
unicyclists judging.

I just thought someone on this newsgroup might be interested, Jeff
Sargeant (Univent)