Simple Question

Is the Nimbus Hoppley worth the extra $105 dollars over the Torker DX

Depends how intense trials you are going to do, maybe.

Well I want the uni to last me, for a while at least. But so far I am only to 4 ft. drops. But I will get to bigger, don’t worry.

i second this question…is the nimbus hoppley really stronger? i thought they were roughly the same strength…but the nimbus is lighter

stronger, probablu yes. a great frame on it, way stronger than the DX frame, great hub/crankset(probaby one of the strongest), great skinny seat for sif and flatland street stuff. steel seatpost on it(very strong), and very grippy pedals. for only $350, I’d say it’s one of the best, strongest, and cheapest unis out there.