Simi Valley Muni Adventures with Eyal

Work kept me from attending Moab or joining Eyal (Rabbi Rock) and Josh “Witchcraft” Schoolcraft in Vegas but I’ve kept a little busy anyhow and found a few new things, uncluding the “Nature Trail” that runs parallel to G-Spot.

The name - Nature Trail - made it sound like a stroll so we never tried it. It turns out to have some steep chutes and nice mixed dirt and rock rolling sections – nothing super advanced but tricky in spots and rideable, which is always good for flow. The trail joins G-Spot at the tunnel and the danger ramps up from there. Afterwards we rode Devil’s Slide for the 50th time but once again found new stuff to do. The “Slide” really is a kind of wonder in how many different lines it offers in less than a mile. You can roll the whole thing or start chucking at the top of every difficulty and hope you either land it or can run it out.

But man, did it get hot in the afternoon! But Eyal and I always had a blast when we ride together. Best news of all is that our entire female Muni contingent consists of Morgan Lee Cable (whose boyfriend is Josh). After a long (3 months??) lay off to get her PhD candidacy sorted out, she’ll be back riding with the boys in no time as Josh stays at home studying aerodynamics - poor sap.


Well said. Thanks to JL’s dial-up connection, I get to post the pics!

I do offer ballet lessons for a small fee.




Looks like I’ll be doing the same trails tomorrow, but later in the afternoon when it’ll be much cooler! I usually do Devil’s first, as there’s shade provided by the mountains, even in the earlier part of the afternoon, then Hummingbird/G-spot after, since there’s ZERO shade on that side. :smiley: But as always, of course I’ll get video!

Btw, not sure if it was Josh or Eyal, but it looks like one of them took a pretty bad fall on the rocks in that last pic! Arm guards and more clothing would’ve come in handy that time! Hope you were ok! It does appear that John has switched back from shin-only guards, back to full knee-shin guards…smart move! :smiley:

i wish your area was closer to me so i could come down.

oh and great pictures! you guys are getting good!