silly suntan, gets worse

My silly cyclists suntan is geting more pronounced, I have very tanned knees and
forearms, but with a paler shadow of my wrist guards, so my fingers are dark but
back of hands not. Maybe this marking can be used to identify cokerheads at uni

Hockey fiends would be pale and brusied. Artistic types, pale and not so
briused. Racers will have pale knees and hands from their gloves and knee pads,
but tanned necks and backs of legs. Orienteerers will be covered in bramble
scratches and tall giraffe riders are easiy identifyed by the plaster casts.

I didn’t help my own tan lines today , I did a 40 mile ride wearing the same
length shorts, shirt and wrist guards as usual…the tan gets worse.


ps very short ride report follows

NCN5 Reading to Oxford, great ride from Reading to Wallingford through woods and
fields on quiet lanes, then it gets a bit crap till Oxford, poor signage, poor
ride surfaces. In Oxford the cyclist rules, good cycle lanes, signed quiet
routes, tocan crossings, the lot.