SIF(Phase 2): Advance Practice using Assistance(lower rail)

SIF(Phase 2): Advance Practice using Assistance(lower rail)

*Yeah. Did you try Phase 1, already? *
*Where you mastered just getting on/off and staying on? *
Develop some strength in your hands/arms/legs?
Just get familiar with the weird feeling of standing & pedaling?
Okay. You’re ready.

Phase 2 practice set-up is almost same. Except find a “lower stationary assist” device at approximately hip height. Lower = more freedom to twist/feel/fall. Big difference.
Now let’s try, again.

a.) Find best body posture to SIF
b.) Find best saddle holding grip
c.) Master pedal control for balance and rolling
d.) Get even more stronger wrist and leg muscles
e.) Build confidence to go next step. (Unless, you wanna do it already ready, then skip ahead.)

a.) Posture:
-squat down
-hips and butt/back
-chest over saddle

-Squat down and bend your legs. Work = more muscle tension =coordination. Spread body weight across both legs more evenly. (leverage = easier = less feel).

-Bending at hips and pushing butt back = makes clearance for saddle not hitting your body.

-Chest over saddle. Yes, the unicycle may not be “seat in front”, but chest over seat allows body CG to be over the wheel center. Need that.

b.) Saddle holding & movement:
-grab center of saddle(on the edge, of course, some saddle fatter than others…)
-grip hard and yank it up(vertical pulling force)
-rest on belly(for lateral freedom. need that)

-As you learned from the previously, grabbing the center of the handle(above the seat post) = least twisting of the wrist. (change later…when instincts kick)

-Apply a constant pulling “up” force to the saddle = straightening the unicycle = you don’t fall off. However, this creates more pedal weight(action =reaction) which also increases pedaling resistance. Get used to it and keep pedaling.

Allow saddle to rest against your belly. Also, allow saddle to move side to side, as you pedal. It’s natural SIF dynamic motion. Do not try to control, guide or restrain it. (change later…when instincts kick)

Now just keep practicing.
a.) Switching hands to work both sides of the body. (later you will pick one side)
b.) You will start to go faster and it will feel easier.
c.) Until, one day. You “let go” and do a few revolutions. No hands!!!
d.) Congratulations you are now ready to do SIF for real(phase III).