sif jump!!!

so tonight, i learned to sif jump and man is it nice the first time i did it i equalled my highest ever sit in jump i just love it i can already do it like a pogo stick and it feels great!! after about a half hour of practicing i can do it 1 to 2 inches higher then seat in! it is great!

Congratulation !

sorry cant say anything more

Great, makes me think I should get around to working on seat out hops.


i learned on like a ledge type thing or a stair would work great also, just put your back peddle on it get set grab the side of the seat, then roll a little bit foward(how ever much is needed) then just when your peddals are horizontal bend a bit and jump really high:D if that makes any sense?
maybe ill take some pics of the way i learned as i found it really easy, then you can put it on your site as i know there are other people that have not really learned it yet

That’d be fantastic.

Re: sif jump!!!

I would suggest that you don’t treat it like a pogo stick. Aim towards making zero correctional hops; the only hops you should do are the big jump and any very small hops correcting your balance in a still stand.


I found a few videos of Kris Holm teaching the proper. most effective ways of jumping. I think, and am pretty sure, that they were in someone’s gallery on this site; unfortunately there is no search function for the gallery and I didn’t bookmark the page. If anyone would be so kind as to post the link to that gallery, I’m sure there would be a few very appreciative people here :slight_smile:

I have the videos on my comp but it would take longer than I have right now to upload them, but maybe later :roll_eyes:

But yes, Kris says that you should hop as few times as possible and think of each landing as a stillstand. Count the duration of your stillstand each time and, over time, you will be able to balance for a few seconds (I can get maybe 6-8 seconds on a ‘good’ day).

Please do post some pictures though, habbywall, I’d like to see your hopping technique, having been here since your first posts and kind of ‘following’ you as you progess through latter posts.


There are a few Kris Holm Tutorials at the bottom of this page.