SIF hop - I suck.

I suck at SIF hopping. I can’t seem to get the hand position right and I end up with a very sore back after every session. Any tips? I’m fine with rolling hops and regular hops.

Also, any tips for hopping high? My max currently is about 20cm which means I can’t get onto ledges. How do you guys train for hops?

just practise. travel around, find lots of differing objects of differing heights.

practice. and for hand position i grab where the back part of the seat starts to get narrow as it comes to the middle. it’s hard to describe but it’s where basically everyone holds it for SIF. your back will get stronger, ride SIF to help work on the balance and strength of those muscles.

definitally it gets easier after a while when you practice more. And you get used to it eventually.

ride with your seat higher. that’ll help to get rid of some of the back pain you’re having. Other than that, it’s practice.

I’ve written A LOT on sif jumping/hopping/dropping…so I’ll try to dig up some of my older posts.

This is from an older post:

Hope it helps!

it took me a long time to be able to jump high. just mess around with it. eventually youll hit the right position. but remember to tuck. that the most important part. if you dont tuck youll barely get off the ground

A thin saddle will help you to jump high.

I’m using the old KH seat (not the gel one) and it’s a little too thick for me to grab it around the middle. So what I’m doing is to just hang on to the bottom with my fingers and my thumb’s across the saddle pointing front. It’s one of the more comfy positions I can find but I don’t think it’s correct because it offsets my balance to one side. I’m also ripping off my saddle cover that way.

A few more questions:

I notice in vids that most tucks come from rolling hops where the tuck happens when you’re launched forward, feet front and butt back. The momentum swings you forward - that’s how it works right? What should I do in the event of a bail? My biggest fear here is that I trip on a pedal in mid air and break my fingers in the process.

With seat-in hops, to jump higher, I’d push down the saddle with my hand just before launching. Does the equivalent happen for SIF? My palm’s not big enough to cover the span of the seat so is there any remedy or alternative?

I’m also trying to do wheelhops (or hops on wheel… what’s the term?) but I can’t lift off the ground at all. I’m suspecting that SIF would help that immensely because the motions are similar. Would the converse be true? ie. once I work out wheelhops, I’d be better at SIF.

Thanks for all the help so far!

Haha Me to sort of. I just don’t hop sif cause I can hop relitivley high seat in. You don’t really need to learn to hop high sif :roll_eyes:

I think you could benifit by watching this tutorial video by Ryan Atkins: (right click, save as)

Great! Thanks!

Me too. Try practicing the tuck with your feet on the crankarms first, that added a foot onto my pathetic hopps.


??? - That doesn’t make any sense…

what do you mean by having your feet on the cranks? like putting your feet on the cranks and jumping up stuff? does that really help?

I think he meant putting your feet on the cranks, SIF while still on the ground and practising squats… worked a bit for me to get my balance.