Sideways hopping on tire

I searched for help/tips on hopping on the tire like after a 90 degree unispin but all the searches came up as sideways WW tips. So like how do you do it and what is the best form/technique? I spent like 5 minutes with a ladder, a round of wood and a fence trying to stand sideways on the wheel without dying and it was really awkward feeling. So how did you all figure it out?

I’m no authority on it, but I just kept trying it until I could do it, but I started with by bunny hopping with my seat in front.

What helped me was to keep my feet right next to the frame. This minimized the possibility of the wheel rolling too much and made everything feel more stable.

I place the ball of my foot on the tire and use my ankles to bounce the tire.

Also I don’t pull up very hard on the seat. I basically let the tire bounce and just hold onto the seat for stability.

Now, if I could just transition from/to pedals. :frowning:


I started by holding the uni in front of me facing the side of the tire. Then I just jumped up to the tire and pinned my feet to the sides of the frame to keep it from rolling. Also, pin the seat to your legs. If the seat is away from you at all, it’s almost impossible to find stability while hopping. I had my left hand on the handle and my right hand on the bumper, but you can do it differently. I just jumped up to the tire, fell off, and repeated that about 50 times. After about half an hour I could hop for as long as I wanted to, then I moved on to learning 90 unispins into and out of hopping on tire.