Is there any way. Any way at all to mount a side pull brake on magura brake mounts?
I’m don’t know if it’s possible but I sure would like to know if it is.

They are called Vee brakes, the adaptors work, some folks run them, might not be worth the trouble as they don’t tend to be as strong as Maguras.

If you have some Vees in hand and want to try them, just make sure they are a low profile style or you’ll hit them with your feet as you ride

I mounted some spare XTR v-brakes onto the magura mounts on my Nimbus Nomad 29"; they work fine. I didn’t buy special mounts, just basically used the technique from this thread. I did add a brake booster, since the magura mounts aren’t too sturdy if you are just using one hole on each side.

They have more than enough power for Muni use, and more tire clearance than the frame does (I’m using a 2.4" Ardent tire). Not sure if they would have the needed clearance on a 24x3" tire.

This thread I just found is really helpful. Thanks for your guys’s responses!