Sidejumps and Backsidejumps

Ive been trying these tricks and i can do the mounts just fine but when i go to jump off the unicycle i just cant seem to have it stay still. anyone have any tips that helped them learn such as leaning a certain way when they jump off the pedals or if the move the seat sideways, backwards, or not at all?

When learning sidejumps focus on moving your foot around the saddle and not the other way round. Still not easy but that helped me in the first place

First, make sure you can do the mount starting with both feet on the ground. Don’t lead with one foot. After that you should be able to get it, I just focused on jumping very high and moving my leg, not the unicycle. I leave the unicycle on the ground when I do it, not sure if I recommend that though because I’m having trouble learning sideflips now…

Edit: By backsidejumps do you mean backside jump or reverse sidejump?

ummmmmm whats the difference?

Reverse means the exact opposite of a trick, like reverse varial roll, reverse rolling wrap, ect. You can see a reverse sidejump at 0:38.

Backside jumps are weird and pretty uncommon, more people are starting to do them in tricks though (Chris does fulloutbacksideflips a lot and some other people). It’s sort of like a megasidejump if you’ve seen that (usually done from varial roll). Backsidejump late 180 is the first trick here, just try and picture it without the twist at the end.

Yeah, side variations can get pretty complicated :stuck_out_tongue:

I recommend holding onto the seat with one hand and something sturdy with the other hand and then doing the trick. This lets you focus more on the sidejump and less on hopping and getting your balance. Once you get good at that you can learn to do it without support.

hey guys, i actually get real close yesterday. just gotta jump a bit higher.
but now i really wanna know what a backside is.
i was watching

over and over but it just looks like a 360 reverse sideflip. what makes it a backside???

Edit:does it make it a backside if it involves passing the seat underneath you from hand to hand?

yup, pretty much :slight_smile: