sidehop video

im really want to get up to 4 pallets im 2" away! ill get it in a week or 2. so anyway heres a video of my working on sidehops.

Im just wondering but why do you pre hop for three pallets?
I got 4 yesterday and i dont pre hop. :thinking:

idk it is just a bad habit im trying to get out of

you should hop SIF and if your hopping to the right hold it with your left hand not your right hand.

i am trying yo learn SIF but it is just so hard. i am learning to sidehop with my left with SIF

get a good seat in sidehop before switching to SIF I still practice really don’t need the prehop in there just compress the tire more. Oh and switch seat holding hands, or switch hopping directions… it will help a lot with stability to hop to your extended arm. I need to go work on my sidehop to my front foot… and holding the seat with my other hand… my right arm is WAAAy too much bigger than my left now haha

i noticed your cranks and in my opinion i think you should probably get some new ones in a little bit because soon your gunna probably start flatland and with those cranks it’s not really possible. That’s just my opinion.

jump with sif :smiley:

I wouldnt call prehopping a bad habbit… You should learn to staic lines since you wont always have the room to prehop, but a prehop alone can be a hard techinique to master. Joe is still obsessed with perfecting his prehop!~

yeah, pre-hopping isn’t bad but he should be able to get 3 pallets without a pre-hop if he has a little better technique.

yeah, blah blah blah, prehop… blah blahblah
dude, good job, if that’s the way you jump to get higher, that’s fine… that’s how the best people do it isn’t it.
i was going to tell you to do a rolling hop up it, or get 2 or 3 stairs maybe, then go for the 4 pallet stack.

haha yeah, pretty much… it would help him to learn to fold a bit if he’s hopping seat in though… I got 30" sidehop today had a massive prehop but wouldn’t be able to have done it otherwise. without a prehop I’m at about 26"

i just dont do sidehops good without pre-hopping it just helps me so i dont think its a very big deal. i tryed sidehops using my left hand today. alot diffrent i got to get used to it. lol

it will definitely help with stablility later to hop with your left handon the seat. Especially since you’re like me and hop to your backfoot which apparently makes you less stable in the first place although Joe Hodges hops to his backfoot and he has a super high hop and I just hit 30" yesterday.

nice video. Keep working on the sidehops!

I just remembered I have a sidehop video in slow mo of me going up a 4 set seat in I can post that might help a little bit with your sidehop