side ride backwards

Does anyone know of anybody that can side ride backwards?

I have only recently learnt/still learning side ride.

One day i’m going to learn side ride backwards. its a bit of a goal for me.

It seems quite possible but i think it would take soo long to learn.

So yeah… can anyone do this ?

Yes, a friend of mine here in Australia can. He can do lots of amazing freestyle stuff.

If you’ve got a couple of minutes spare we could really do with tips on side riding at . The learning process must be fresh in your mind since you’ve only recently learned.

Andrew . is a very cool site! learning heaps! thanks dude

wow some one can do it…thats prety cool.

and the best bit is he’s australian. lol.

You wouldn’t happen to know his name or have any pictures his “amazing freestyle stuff” ???

I don’t know much about writting a tutorial but ill give you a few tips:

It is easier if you lean over more towards the side the seat is on and go in large circles.

Hold the seat with both hands and try to put a fair bit of your wait on it. Keep the seat tightly against your body.

At first it will seem like you have to push super hard to get the pedal over. Do not push overly hard or this will give you a really jerky horribly uneven balance. Try getting the pedal round putting very little pressure on it - just enough to keep the foot on the pedal. Try to keep the motion smooth and continous. If the pedal stops it is very hard to start going again. Use your free foot for balance. I find if i’m leaning over to much (like when the non pedaling pedal strikes the ground!) my free leg goes flying out to the side to keep me balanced. Similarly when i’m around vertical my free leg stay close to my body.