Side mount and backwards riding SUCCESS!

Every time i’ve ever accomplished something, it has been on the Quincy University Campus. It was a shame that i got kicked off.

On tonight’s ride i decided to take a chance and ride there anyway.

Tonight i came right out of nowhere and was totally on top and master of my domain! I did FOUR great things.
ONE: For the very first time i succeded in a side mount attempt. I tried to side mount early on in my unicycling career and failed miserably. Tonight i took it back up and succeded after ten or so attempts.
TWO: I have been trying to ride backwards for some time now. I could only get one or two rotations backwards before i fell off. Tonight i rode ten meters before an UPD. It felt sooo good.
THREE: Another minor note, i idled the longest i ever have. It was quite a time though i didn’t count. I really have been working on my idle for awhile so this is really only a minor thing.
FOUR: Mastered the Jump Mount. I can nail it every time.

I know this must look like nothing to alot of you Pros out there but I’m very pleased with myself. :smiley:


Not a pro here but it doesn’t get any better than that! Congratulations.

Re: Side mount and backwards riding SUCCESS!

i suspect the pros are only pros because they appreciate the thrill of achievement as much (if not more) than the rest of us

I just mastered the jump mount as well. It’s awesome! I ca noccasionally do the free jump mount in the grass. It ensures my safety if (when) I fall.

Re: Side mount and backwards riding SUCCESS!

Five: you told us about it! :slight_smile: I’m living vicariously this month through the achievements of others. Keep up the good work, and maybe try to find additional magic places to practice. Finding these places is half the battle.

I got idling in front of my house. A flat smooth floor didn’t work, but my sidewalk had the slightest slope and was a little more grippy. At a certain angle I just found a groove. You never know when this kind of thing will happen.