Showing off my new Shin Pads and Shoes.

Well after riding with steel toe boots (Caterpillars) since I learned, I decided I wanted new shoes with a flat bottom for more surface area on the pedals.

I bought some Airwalk Ramp shoes, only $40 at Zellers.

I also got some shin pads finally. Krusher’s with a removable plastic plate on the inside with some foam in there too. Very comfortable, I love them very much. Theses were quite expensive, but I feel are worth it, $80.

You should have gotten knee/shinguards for that price. Your shoes are cool though.

I bought these yesterday

Those shin pads and shoes are cool. Why were the shin pads so much though. There has to be something special about them that you didn’t tell us about. How is it riding on those shoes instead of boots?

Those shoos look slick. I have Airwalk sandals, and I love them. Very comfy!

told ya young grasshopper that the shin pads where plastic but dont believe me, not like i never own a pair :P:P and about the price i still say i paid atleast 45$ for mine i really feel they ripped u off

Maybe for your new ones… the Mace pads.

These ones have been $80 since they have had them.

I think they’re expensive because they’re very comfy and have the removable plate, also cover your entire leg.

I have those also!
But with blue and brown…

ya but main cycle asks for a arm and a leg for alot of there stuff should have went up to scatilon or the other place that i cant think of its name but in stoner creek

I bet they don’t have Krusher pads.

i picked up my old ones from scatilon thats all i can remember other then me taking the platic out of them

Yeah, I didn’t like the plastic in it, makes them too stiff to wrap around my leg.

lol told ya so :stuck_out_tongue:

Gee, those look almost exactly like my 661 Veggie Wraps that I got from for $9.99.

Veggie Wraps are $60 at the Local Bike Shops, and I would have had to get them to order a pair.

Cheapest pads I could find were $50 and they had plastic on the front.

Don’t even mention eBay to me, I’m not buying anything from eBay.

use ebay next time :smiley: lol

I could get Adam to buy stuff for me from eBay, but I don’t want to hassle him, and we don’t have great schedules that allow us to meet up.

i only brought it up cause u said not to

I know.

fine ur mean to me… I quit

Waah. :roll_eyes: