Show us how straight you are

So riding on the frozen lake today I tried to ride as straight and smooth as possible. This is my result.

Show us in snow, sand, dirt, water, etc… how straight you can ride.
Maybe for you better riders it can be backwards?

Now read the title in another context… lol

FWIW, I am wobbly, I can see from videos and shadows my wheel makes in the evening sun riding home from the station. It’s the downward pedal stroke being strong and not counteracted well enough.

I can only make such a line with a bike. With the uni people think I’m drunk or that a big snake slithered through the snow / mud. I reckon you ride with short cranks. Will you also make such a straight line with 150mm cranks?

Gockie, the title is there to attract attention, but it’s not doing well though!

Setonix, you’re right I do ride with the pedals in the 127mm hole.
I don’t think I could ride that straight with 150’s as I already know how choppy the ride feels with longer cranks.

Thought I’d mention.
There’s no snow near me. I guess I would need to ride through a big puddle on a road after rain then take a photo.

maybe put some chalk on your tire?

funny :slight_smile: - chalk or red paint and then on the sidewalk so people remember you for the next many years.

Straight lines, that’s no fun, or is it?

I lose.

kirby snow.jpg

I am much impressed with both patterns.
If it was me, there would be a lot of (fallen) snow angels in there…:stuck_out_tongue:

How straight? In the unicycling world, this question is best answered by an activity called “riding a skinny.” Now that you mention it, I should add this skill to my list of things to work on, though to get started I would have to figure out a place to set up a braced 2x4 on its edge, or find a piece of cement with similar dimensions… Actually, I do know of a curbstone in a nearby park that has grass instead of a sidewalk next to it. It’s at least double the width of the 1.25" edge of a modern 2x4, but maybe if I tried to get on top of it with a freemount instead of sidehop, I would discover a new challenge.

Gockie… Thanks for the mention. I do hope my humour is getting through. I like pushing the envelope.:smiley:
We’ll wait for the wet tire track.

Mr.Fixit… you got me thinking that maybe we should be posting our tire track artwork too.
The same day on the lake I also left a track that looked like a ball sitting on a horizontal plane.
I may add some more pictures to this thread.

bigevilgrape, Setonix, and Tinkerbeau… show us what you got.

Song… Good idea for the 1 1/2" skinny.
A 2"x4"x8’ with a long taper on the ends and then screwed on edge to a 2’x8’ piece of plywood. (a 4’x8’ would be more stable)
I already have trouble riding the 16" wide skinnies scattered throughout the bike park. Though I am slowly getting better at them.
I’m too scared of getting hurt to practice extreme maneuvers.

It will have to wait. There is no snow yet. Maybe a few days in January. snow is getting less each year. I will keep an eye out for mud, but I do ride with 150’s, so it will be zigzaggy. I will do my best to be on the straight path. :slight_smile:

what about riding on the train tracks, just make sure you see the train coming. I don’t think I would be getting that far. Riding single mountainbike trails on the moors requires my utmost concentration with the edges being higher. As soon as I start thinking I will fall off, I UPD.

Can you tell how straight I ride from this video? Maybe not. But enjoy.

You will have to make another vid. It is dark, so I can’t see your wheel trail :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent idea, but there are none close to me unless you count the subway. For a number of very obvious reasons, that wouldn’t work! There is a quiet stretch of open railroad about 6 km away, but even that is too far to visit on any sort of regular basis.

Canoeheadted’s suggestion is also good, but not really feasible for an urban dweller like me. My access to tools is very limited around here, and I don’t have space to store a big sheet of plywood with a rail running down the middle, and even if I did manage to convert it into a coffee table or guest bed when not in use, dragging it out to the park for every practice session would be a real bummer.

Clearly, the only solution is to find a piece of the local urban landscape that could serve as a skinny. If I were good enough to ride on handrails, this would not even be an issue, but for now I need something much lower. It probably exists, I will just have to keep my eye open. A new skateboard park is being built nearby, maybe it will have something.

Same here, I’ve got wet grass…not great for snow angels but I will try to remember when the time comes. :wink:

Guess I’ll play, but I won’t win any contests. I rode around the backyard a few times and this was the straightest section of my tracks. Those of you who can ride skinnies on a unicycle are far better riders than I.

One major difference between riding a skinny and riding in snow is that the skinny does not pose a substantial drag to the pedaling making it simpler to pedal lightly (meaning it goes straighter).

I am not sure if I can get a straight line in the snow but I will try to remember next time I have my fattie out in snow :stuck_out_tongue:

Bad excuses… A wide tire will resist twisting a lot more than a skinny one, especially in snow, where you use almost all the available contact patch regardless of tire pressure since the ground is soft. It may cancel out, but I’m actually guessing it’s probably even the other way around.