Shouldn't there be a live stream now?

The most recent item of news about it seems to suggest there should be a live stream from the gym. I looked at the schedule off the Unicon XIII website, and individual routines should have been going for the last 3 and a half hours almost. It suggests that the expert routine is coming up in 30mins, maybe someone can confirm this? Will the stream begin working for then or is it unfortunately not going to work :frowning:

Thanks for any help you’re able to give me,

Yeah I’ve been waiting for that too.

Is there an english version of the unicon 13 website?

yes, look for ‘EN’ on the main page

yeah im kinda annoyed it wasnt working. Hopefully itll be up for the standard skills.

I just found out i’m going to be doing the vodcasts :slight_smile:

<3 I’ll be watching.

if you go to uniconnews leo says the live stream doesnt work because of a hardware problem :angry: and then proceeds to trash some of this “hardware”

look under conventions and then unicon xiii, they have the doubles winners on it right now, pretty sweet. and there might be issues with time zones.

A suggestion to anybody who decides to try something similar in the future: Please consider using real microphones on both the interviewers and the guests (at least on the guests). The combination of the in-camera microphone and the concrete walls make for very poor audio.

I’m listening to news about the street comp at UNICON on by Jess Reigal!

I really, really, reallly want to see video of that.

My computer doesn’t like flash:(

Use the RSS feed

Agreed about the Flash, but you can get all this stuff via the RSS feed :


RSS/Podcast reader

They are iPod compatible if you choose to watch them that way.

Thankfully they are using MPEG 4 rather than Windows Media ASF files (which are unconvertable to any other format)



episodes 3 and 4?

Anyone know what happened to episodes 3 and 4?


Listen to epiode 5 and he explains that.

I think he said because they are video (#5 is only audio) they take longer to set up.

improving the video

I could barely understand the audio, and the camera was too far away.

I don’t mean to be critical, but it wold be so much better if the audio were improved and the people filled the screen. Someone should let Leo know.

Leo should sit at the table with his subject during the interview and tighten in on both of them. Too much concrete wall.

I appreciate the fact that I could get it via an iTunes feed, and that it would play on my iPod.


A special PCI capture card broke, and the spare turned out to be incompatible.
As we gave highest priority to recording the event, we gave up on connection to the streamers, in stead of waisting time and so screwing up 3 out of 3 of our goals.

The footage I’ve seen (and recorded) till now is great, so be patient for the DVD, which will be awesome.

episode 7 is funny.