Shoulder Pain When Tucking

I have been trying to improve my tucking in trials. I have been practicing every day for about a week and my shoulder has been hurting so bad after practice I can barely sit in a chair. I took a three day break and I just got in from practice. I was able to do one jump then my shoulder started to get the pins and needles feeling. I have been icing it every night but to no avail. If y’all have any suggestions please help.


Google, ‘Rotator cuff injury’.

Get it checked out.

I have a labral tear and partial rotator cuff tear. My surgery is on April 15th. After that there’s no riding for 12 weeks! The key here is that it should only be partial tears. They won’t know for sure until they get in there.

You’ll want to get a minor problem fixed before it becomes a full blown debilitating injury.

I got this when i was learning.I thinks its from wrenching the seat too much.Try to keep your feet as light as possible and stay relaxed

I did seat-wrenching when learning, too. Of course that was when it was only Kris Holm and Dan Heaton hopping high. So, I didn’t really know what they were doing, and how they were getting that wheel so high off the ground. I just pulled like mad on the seat.

Keep those legs light and quick.

Hope your pain is nothing serious.