Should I wait with my hopping.

Everyone keeps telling me my hopping is great, but that I do too much of it. My record (static) from wood is 66cm. and from concrete it’s about 63 cm. Do you guys think I should start focusing more on my skinnies, stillstands, SI, and other trials aspects. I really love doing street, but my constant hopping makes for no progress in street. What do you guys think?

Should I wait a bit 'til I grow and have gotten good at other aspects before I focus on hopping again?

Do what’s fun. We shouldn’t have to make these decisions for you.

Do what ever you like most, you may not be a great trials rrider if you can’t ride a rail but who cares if you are a great rider, as long as you are having fun.

Also these threads you make can easily just be put in the trials discussion thread.

I never thought of that :roll_eyes: lol

Variety is the spice of uni! :smiley: Try to get equally good at as many different aspects of riding as you can!

Yes. Or you’ll end up like me pushing a 40in hop not able to even ride a rail road track for more than a few revs, most of the time less than 2.

Flow in street is just as important in trials. Flowing trials takes less energy (pre-hops kill stamina) and they make it look just as bad. You should work to having no prehops at all, that is very hard, but a very good goal. Just cut them out of everything, it makes trials look a lot more impressive as you seem more in control, it also does make technical trials easier.