Should i get it?


ive been interested in unicycling for a long time now and i know someone who is selling this: [ Sun, 20-inch Chrome ]for £25.00 and its about a year old, ive seen it and is in good condition…should i get it… :thinking: :slight_smile: + he will give me free lessons aswell (im 14 by the way)


my 20-inch sun was, and still is a great uni for learning, and i take it off 2-3 foot jumps and havent broke anything. most will say to get the torker lx for a learning one, but for that price, and lessons, i say go for it, and upgrade later =p

yeah mate that sounds like a great deal u have there!!

the sun is really only for learning tho, keep that in mind for wen u r wanting to go muni or trials/street!

wen u get up to that stuff then u can upgrade, but thats deffinetly a good deal!

go for it