Should I get a street unicycle?

I have wanted a street unicycle, and have earned enough money to buy the Kris Holm 20-inch Longneck Street 2009 Unicycle (what a mouthful). Anyway my parents are not going for that at all. I have a nimbus trial unicycle and I like doing trials, but I also like doing street. My parents don’t think theres much of a difference and that I would be wasting my money. I don’t really know, why would getting a kh 20 be better? Could you guys point out some of the pros and cons of getting one of these unicycles? thank you :frowning:

Lighter, more knee/shin/ankle friendly frame. Wider lighter rim, allen bolt seatbase. Moment cranks(which you could buy and put on your nimbus).

Personally I like the older style(which is on your nimbus) seats better, although having allen bolts is a great feature. I, also, am all for upgrading to a carbon fiber base. IMO, its the best upgrade you can make to a uni.

You could save yourself a lot of money by just getting a set of Moment cranks and some rollos(if your into flatland). Unless you have a serious problem with tire fold over the nimbus rim should be fine for now… upgrade when your nimbus rim is bent or holding you back.

Upgrading to a long neck aluminum frame would feel and look nice, but is not really all that important for riding street, plus you would need a new seatpost as well.

Anyway… Brand new unicycles are awesome… If you want a complete 09 KH get it… its your money. But dont think that its magically gonna make you a pro at street. Upgrading a nimbus with Moment cranks and a carbon fiber base would give you a sick uni.

okay this is good to hear. And no I didn’t think getting a street unicycle would make me pro :). Also I’m not flatland, forgot to say that, I learned a double leg wrap and I was already sick of flatland by then :roll_eyes: okay I hear what your saying, and if it’s better for me not to buy a brand new unicycle I’m all for it. I’ll look over your list again, but I was just curious, would changing cranks and all that, really make my unicycle much lighter? thats kind of what I was looking for in a new unicycle.

just get the frame and the moment cranks and you have basically got the kh

lol never thought about all that. The fram is around 200, and the cranks (isis moment cranks) are around $80. $280 is a lot better than 570. Although I wonder if that will mess up my trials riding…hopefully I won’t have to switch between frames.

KH frames are awesome for trials riding, I espetially love the longneck because I was hitting my knees on my seatclamp with the short neck. The Nimbus is a really great frame, but the KH is lighter and “knee-friendly”. I wont affect your trials riding in a bad way:)

yer im going to get a kh longneck when im done with my k1 devil frame:)

That’s what I did except I just got the standard trials frame. Mine looks kinda like the one on the left except with a white tire, white pedals, and all black seat. Looks really sick IMO.

OP: You shouldn’t have any problems with that frame and you won’t need to switch them unless you do seat in trials and need a low seat. I would maybe hold off on the cranks though, until you break the other ones or bend them or whatever. Getting a CF base would probably be a better investment, although I have no idea if anyone is selling them right now.