Should I get a Coker?

I love doing distance rides. Right now I’m on a 24", it’s great exercise but even at full tilt I feel like I’m going slow. What should I know about Cokers? Is Coker a brand name or is that what large wheel unicycles are called? Should I buy new or try to get a used one? Anything else I should know about them? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Well a coker is a 36" wheel and it a brand name unicycle. I know little to nothing about this but Andrew (HCR) should be posting any time now…


u dont have to get a coker if u love distance rides…i ride my brothers 28" and its fine and i dont feel tired. theyre much cheaper too.


if you do get a coker

then you can try an get a remanufactured one here

remanufactured coker

thats “no longer available”. So you might want to try this


Yeah as long as you dont have any off roading you need to get this…

It is really cheap and you fly… and if you look around you can get it for $65


^^^^^ o yeh sorry ^^^^

Should I settle for something like a 28" - 29" and spend less, or is it worth it to shell out the extra bucks for the 36" ?

Would a 28-29" be drastically different than my current 24" ?

With a large wheel how hard is it to control your stops? Can you do stalls? Hops?

a 29er or 28er would work, of course… but if you want to do some real long distance riding, like 10+ miles, a coker would definitely be your best bet. Plus, they’re so high, and they go so fast… what more could you ask for?

I’d say if you have the money, then get the 36". you won’t be sorry.
With a 36" wheel, it’s harder to come to a stop quickly. It doesn’t react as fast or as easily, since it’s so huge and it’s already spinning so fast. You can do it, of course, but it takes practice. But you never really have to hop, just ride over it. ( :

Re: Should I get a Coker?

There is absolutely no doubt about it… GET THE COKER!!! You WILL NOT be sorry! Not only is a Coker good for distance riding, the speed and momentum that it offers opens up a whole new realm of unicycling, in my opinion! All of a sudden, the SKY is the limit… speed, distance, jumps, ramps, curbs, stairs, quarter-pipes, half-pipes, velodromes, obstacle courses, slalom racing, rollerball, downhill, drop-offs, Rolling Trials, MUni… the Coker can do it all! Stick to the smaller wheel for unlimited Trials…but for everything else… you might as well go BIG with the Coker! It may be the greatest invention of the 21st Century! (Does anyone know the exact month/year the Coker became available… or a close approximation?) The view is great from up there… you feel like you’re on “Top of the World!” I’ll never forget how it felt the first time I rode it… I said Holy &^@$#*!, how am I ever going to be able to idle this thing? And now it feels like a 20” and I’m ready to start a petition to persuade the Coker company to make a 48” inflatable tire uni!!! Let me know if you want to sign my petition …

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I’ll sign it!

Oh, and thayr…you should get a coker. In the meantime, have fun.:smiley:

i was sorry when i got my Coker…i have much more fun riding a 26er or 28/29er. the Coker is a beast (some like that, i didnt) its also a tank and is hard to port around…

the lightness of a 26 or 28/29 is definatly to be considered.

Even for freestyle? It might be fun, but a 20" is also better for freestyle.

I would not advise getting a 28" Sun unicycle under any circumstances. It looks very weak, and would just not be the same thing as a Coker.

I ride a 26 with a 3" tire–it’s big, but already I’m dreaming of my first Coker.
I can’t wait.

You didn’t ride your Coker long enough… otherwise you would have got real accustom to it! Regarding being hard to port around… I’ll go grocery shopping, albeit less than a mile away, but I’ll carry 8-10 bags of groceries (including milk, juice, and beer) while riding my Coker, and then once I get to my apartment, I’ll hook the seat of my Coker on my forearm and kind of hold it under my armpit, with all the bags in my hand of that same arm for the few moments when I use my other (right) hand to turn the key to open the door. Once you’re used to it… everything else feels “small” in comparison.

I’m going to have to say that a coker is a bit of a burdon to carry around, How many bike racks, or car trunks do you know that will fit a 36" wheel.

On a side note we should really get away from the Coker name afterall its just a tire company that makes mediocure tires in a enormous size. Thirty-Sixer is a much better way to describe it afterall.

The Coker is a breeze for me to carry around. I have no idea how many trunks it fits in… all I know is that it fits perfectly in the trunk of my Honda Civic… which is a pretty small car! I’d be happy to call it a 36er… but at the momemt, the Coker Tire Company is the only company to produce 36" wheel unicycles in any quantity (to my knowledge).

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Definitely get a coker, it was such a worthwhile investment for me. I
ride my coker literally every day, to class, to the store, etc. It is
such an awesome way to get around. Before I got a coker a trip out of
the house was only about the destination, the traveling was a necessary
chore. With my coker I now look forward to going places because it has
made getting there so much fun. I am probably unusual in that a coker
is my only unicycle and it was the first unicycle i bought. I learned
on a friends 24", then tried another friends coker and was immediately
sold. After having my coker for a year or so I am finally planning on
buying a 24" for more freestyle/trials/muni stuff.
Buy the coker, nothing else comes close, you really have to ride one to
understand how much of a different and awesome vehicle they are.

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Right on, lebnjay! I feel the EXACT same way! And other than my geared giraffe, the Coker is the only uni I have (in working condition) at the moment.