should i buy a torker dx?

hi people,
i need some advise on wether or not to buy a torker dx.

if u have one tell me how u like it
im not sure if it will be too heavy or too tall.
can u get it cut to make it lower??


I just got a torker dx two days ago and its awesome, I had a 12 pound beginner unicycle before so I thought the dx being 15 pounds would be hard to jump. I went out today to san diego bay and with my new dx and I was breaking my jumping record by a long shot. The reason is because with the dx trial tire you can get more bounce out of it. The seat post was a little long for me so I just cut it with a chop saw and grinded it down. I do think you should buy the dx and I’m sure many will agree with me for the excellent price. Good Luck.

i’m looking for a trails and i just don’t think the dx is that good. if i would get a trails i would get a kris holm (that will never happen lol) but i’ll probably get a nimbus trails

yea i dont personally have a dx but they are awesome from my frends dx that i rode but my suggestion is to change the seat to a KH fusion saddle or KH street (personal choice though) :sunglasses:

thanks for all the advise !
im goin to get a dx!!!
should i change any parts on it? :thinking:

oo yeh ! cant wait to get it!!


You may end up changing the seat, and the pedals. Thats probably it.

Yeah, if your guy I would change the seat, I rode with the dx seat for like an hour when I got it and I must of hit my you know what 10 times. I now have the kh fusion freeride on mine. Some say get the street which is smaller and better for manuevering for tricks but I go for long rides so I perfer the fusion freeride.

I rode long distances on my DX, well, probably not distance wise, but I put in a lot of 6-8 hour rides.

The saddle didnt hit me, and it was comfy for me, I only changed it once I started to mess with SIF, so I cut down the foam, and then it was still comfy to sit on for hours, and ride SIF with. =p

I bought the DX and I am very happy with it. I must say though I don’t do alot of drops or hopping and so I have the 24" model. However it was worth evcery penny and I have no complaints.

If you’re worried about the seat being too high, a reciprocating saw does the job quick, clean and easy.

Don’t change any parts on it until you’ve gotten a feel for it.

After beating up my 24’’ I finally got a new one yesterday. I got the 20’’ DX and it’s a great unicycle. i recomend it.

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  1. I think it’s the best value for money there is. I would definitely recommend one for trials/street. :smiley:
  2. It’s not too tall and not too heavy. But it’s almost indestructible at best.
  3. I think it depends on your height. If your too low, then yes but otherwise no. :smiley:

I rode the seat how it was for months, and I would now, but I could only install the CF seat on my Kris Holm seat.

I have had my torker DX for about 6 months. Its great to learn tricks on. It is a lot heavyer than a kh but not so much to effect your riding because you get used to the weight really fast. You can also find it for a lot less money than the kh.