Shortened DX Frame.

Took all of like 20 minutes.

Hacksawed the frame legs. Grinded a curve in the bottom of the legs at equal length much shorter than original. Welded with crappy fluxcored welder. Grinded down hideous fluxcore welds. Next step, someone buy me a MIG and a TIG welder with actual settings, not 1-4 on heat and 0-10 on feed.

There is about 2mm clearance. 1mm at the bob in my tire, time to true up my wheel.

Hey, who did you run down and kill on your unicycle?!?! (first pic)

awesome! i think that was definitly one of the main reasons the frame was so heavy. There’s no point in having that much material.

Looks sweet now. Someone should tell Torker the Clearence issue was only for the 24" but to keep it small on their 20". =p

wow three people posted at the same time.

Thanks for the support guys!

My issue with the frame was… I’ve been trying to learn wheel walking lately… and all the paint on the corners of the frame crown has worn off… because my feet hit the frame. This makes it very hard for me to learn wheel walking… as my feet kept hitting the frame and not the tire… maybe I’m not doing it right, but I know when I learn gliding later on… I’ll have even more problems…

Anyways, it looks much nicer now. When I get it painted sometime in the next 20-30 years, I’ll post up some pictures of the whole unicycle. I also cut off and ground down the brake mounts… who the hell needs them? plus they wouldn’t work now that there is… 1.5" taken off of both frame legs!

Also, if I get a new tire, I’m going to have to shim the wheel for sure :wink: But I plan on running this one till it’s a slick.

I’ve got you beat on clearance

Lets see you put a trials wheel in there :slight_smile:

Let’s see the bottom of the frame!

Not till I paint it.

It looks just like the DX did before.

Hey that sounds like my welder :slight_smile:

It’s not :wink: Mines from Canadian Tire. You don’t have that in Wichita.

Ok, fine, I’ll post a whole picture of the Unicycle and my BC.

Most of the paint up to half way up the legs has been destroyed from welding it, but I want to repaint it anyways, maybe orange just to spice it up.

Lol no wonder its a piece of crap don’t you know you’re not supposed to buy a welder from a TIRE store.

P.S. Nice Job

Haha, it was cheap though, and it was a Christmas present… gets the job done.

I just need to go to Princess Auto and buy me one of those cheap $35 auto tint welding masks, I have one of those stupid hand held things.

God no man you can go skimp on the welder but for gods sake PROTECT YOUR EYES. Get yourself a good helmet from a RESPECTABLE welding place.

Give me $300 for a good helmet then :slight_smile:

A cheap auto tint is much better than this little stick with the piece of glass that I have.

One of these would be nice.

I prefur the head-bob method to get the helmet down and a standard helmet (non auto-darkening). Im going to make one of those frames I posted a pic of for a trials wheel soon, I will post pics of it when its done.

Looks good:D
Did you get a new rim or paint/powder coat it?

Wow I really need to do that to my '07 KH muni, but it’s aluminum not steel. There’s at least 1.5" of unnecessary clearance above the [Duro] 3.0 tire! It may also be because the duro leopard is lower profile than the gazz; I didn’t notice the huge gap until after I changed it to the Duro. I’d like to reduce the clearance to around 1/4".

And btw, with the LM rim the gazz wouldn’t fit anyway, so I won’t be going back to that tire. I actually now prefer the duro/LM combo even though the duro is heavier than the gazz, but it’s also way more stable and doesn’t get all distorted after drops like the gazz did. :slight_smile:

wats so bad about having a good amount of clearence?