Short VS. Long cranks for learninig crankflips?

Pretty much self explanatory, I was wander why’s better for learning crank flips. Right now I have 137’s and am getting a new wheel set soon with 110’s. I wanna know which would be easier to Learn on
oh yeah this is on a 20" wheel

I should think that the distance needed to move would be offset by the torque produced by the longer crank.

anyway, just go out and practice, and be glad you aren’t me, who is just starting to learn crank flips with a 24" MUni with 150mm cranks.

I’d prefer the 137s, but if you are getting the 110s soon anyhow you can just try what feels best for you-

I tried 100mm cranks on my Trials uni once. What I’ve found is that you dont have to push the pedal as much as you would with long cranks, when I tried them you just have to hop with the pedals not perfectly parallel with the ground and it will flip… That’s what I felt when riding short cranks. Someone can probably explain better than me though about the “Short VS Long cranks theory”.