short video 'E Pluribus Uni'

Longer version to come eventually. (Who knows when?)

Smoooooth. That last run was awesome!

Hope you make that longer version sometime in the near future, looks like it’ll be sweet!

You have an awesome style, I like all the flatland stuff back to back with very little set up hops. Forrest you are too good at everything.

Wow that was really good!
You have some great skills.

I want mooore.

How long have you been riding?

Well dude you are way betta than me! Lol Great work man, I think you need to upgrade unis though man, qu-ax is a beast strong but is heavy man…

Edit: Ohh and loose the helmet :wink:

whats wrong with qu-ax? its not about what you ride but how you ride it. if you cant do it on a qu-ax then 9 times out of 10 you wont be able to do it on a kh either. most of the awesome riders in defect rode profiles and bedford frames - a damn heavy combination. that didnt stop them from doing smoother runs and hopping much, much higher and longer than you or me can and probably will ever be able to.

Ok i think i have ranted enough so i will let someone else say something about the helmet comment.


oh yeah… what i was gonna write…

really smooth riding forrest. i wish my 360 unispins were as smooth as yours! i hope you release a longer one soon cos i will definately watch it!

I think Qu-ax unis look really cool. The black an yellow is awesome, I am sick of that kh blue.

blue rocks!!! yellows okay…

im jealous… haha

Hey, thanks. My movie making plans got put on hold when I pulled a rib out. I can ride some now but mostly flatland stuff. SO, not sure when I can film more but I’ll get to it evuantually.

Nah I was just thinking the other day how you were better then me.:stuck_out_tongue:

And Qu-Ax isn’t any heavier then the Torker DX…

I think the reason forrest rides a qu-ax is because he is sponsored by them. Correct me if I am wrong though.

Cody rides koxx;)

Yeah I know he does now.

The other reason I ride Qu-Ax is because I don’t have any need to upgrade any time soon anyway, the weight doesn’t bother me. Besides I’m cheap. :slight_smile:

yeah i love the black and yellow colour scheme. its like the colours of, i dunno, that danger tape that they use on building sites and stuff. kinda industrial.

the kh blue is damn sexy but yeah i am getting kinda sick of it. i am thinking of powdercoating my frame but i dont know what colour because it has a blue hub now.


dude…that rocked…just what i needed to raise my spirits…(our team just lost)

forrestunifreak have you ever lived in saudi arabia by chance? just wondering because that blue shirt in the video looks a lot like the saudi arabian unicyclist club shirt.

wow your good still.