Short video beginner

A short video I made on a rainy day a few days ago its made up of mostly back it up and out the game clips.

Constructive Criticism is always good.

Im not the best unicyclist. :slight_smile:


nice gap at 0:57 and the final clip left me quite impressed :slight_smile:

i used to mount skinnies like you. i notice you…keep your hand on the handle as u get onto the uni.

you should…

  1. stick arm that’s not holding handle out as far as possible
  2. put non-dominate foot a bit in front of tire
  3. place dominate foot on dominate pedal (cranks horizontal)
  4. use hand that’s not out to place saddle between your legs
  5. stick your other arm out wide(before you get onto the uni)[both arms are now out wide]
  6. gain your balance and jump onto the uni using non dominate foot

before i learned this way i did it your way for months. this way greatly increased the consistency of my skinny riding.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Makes sence, Ill try it this afternoon.


When you do still-stands in videos, you should try to show, at least, your hands/arms if not your whole body. That way people can’t accuse you of holding on to something and then getting the whole forum involved in a stupid argument.
Otherwise a great video!


Who is?!! You’re very good. I hope I can get some of those skills this summer.

Not bad, It would be nicer if it was fullscreen :stuck_out_tongue: but it was fun. Nice still stand on that skinny too.

So you are doing a reverse mount (unicycle behind you)?

As long as there are precise criteria: somebody! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, it does look like that, I meant to have the camera looking up but thats what i got. :roll_eyes: Next time I will just show my whole body instead.

Haha, Thanks. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I agree I tried uploading it widescreen HD it didnt work and I didnt think this one did until someone commented on it and got an email. :slight_smile:

edit: justtysen: So you are doing a reverse mount (unicycle behind you)?

Sounds hard i might try it. :stuck_out_tongue:

i think the camera angles in this video weren’t the best. try getting some of all of you in it! then we get to see who you are! nice 55cm side hop.

You really shouldnt say “Im not the best at unicycling.” Becuase your not bad. The video was really good, along with the riding:) The gap at 0:57 was impressive. The trials lines you filmed we pretty sweet. Keep up the good work:D

Haha, Thanks. :slight_smile:

very nice! that was fun to watch :slight_smile: