Short video: Alex, Luke, and I...

Here’s a short video of Alex Toms, Luke Hilderbraat, and I playing around between trials demos at the Australian Bike Show. I want some posts like these at home!

Luke is the one with the black and white shoes, I’m in the Volleys, and Alex is doing the street stuff.
2MB, about a minute long.

Nothing too fancy…don’t donload it if you’re looking for amazing riding.

In about 2 weeks I’ll be on over three months of holidays! I’m planning to do a lot of trials and muni riding then.


Nice, what hte crap is alex doing? are there flips in there? its so fast i cant tell, it looks like a 540/180

i like it. u have really controlled hops. and your frends unispins are nice. you have built a lot of credibility.

Thanks. :slight_smile: This saturday I’m heading up to this hill right next to my place where there’s recently been a bush fire. There are all these beautiful, big rocks everywhere that I didn’t know of and it’s a lot steeper than I realised. Before the fire it was far too overgrown to ride, now it’ll be fantastic!


looks good.

i like australiia a lot too… i think i’m going to move into sydney or melbourne or canberra later in life… maybe go to college there… i dunno…

To me it looks like 360/180 without flips, the one where he falls kinda looks like there is a flip but i think the cranks got moved when he jumped off so they looked weird during the unispin but i dont think its a flip.

i liked it, it was the perfect length for what was going on and i was quite impressed, it would make a good training video to show people how to do hops or whatever. quite good, and those spins are awesome, i like how they barely leave the ground.

I may well turn it into that, good idea. :slight_smile: It may be better to be able ot see the actions of the entire body for a tutorial though.

Hehe, I remember that day at the bike show. It was just starting to rain and those metal poles were getting pretty slippery too. I tried them and didnt get too far. Good to see all the videos around the place Andrew. Keep them coming. With any luck I might post something up before I go away…


I’ll look forward to seeing it. It was good to meet you in person.


Was that a pair of recumbant trikes in the background? Good vid.