[Short Video] 540 Unispins!

I started to land 540 unispins, so i made a little video to show my spins and to explore some tools of Vegas 8.0!



This week i think that i will release a little video with hick flips too :smiley:

Comment please :smiley:


Your setup looks pretty sweet.

That’s sweet, great job. Was that super sketchy one the first one you ever landed?

No, I landed 540’s 3 times before… But i didn’t filmed it… This was my first landed today…

Tomorrow i will train more, but This week i’m having a lot of tests in my school… And i can’t spend a lot of time unicycling…

Good job.

First time hearing some PsyTrance in a uni video. Well done on the 540.

Well done, some of them quite looked sketchy.

Yesterday i just landed two…The first one was VERY sketchy… The sencod one was better… I just arrived from the school and landed one :smiley:

Later i will train more than…And the HickFlips :smiley:

About the song, i really like Psy/Trance, but it’s hard to use on Uni movies… I just used this song because i could not find a better one…