Short vid with my new KH

I got my new KH this week,
so I filmed som shots yesterday and
did the edit today. Enjoy!

Nice video!

I like the beginning with the closeup shots of the uni and the pallet part.

I guess that KH is doing you good.

haha , it’s so simple , it’s cool to see vid wich don’t want to see that this rider isn’t skretchy.
love it

sory for my english

lol skretchy? I hope i’m not skretchy.

haha sorry , sketchy:D

lol? I hope i’m not a jerk.

Not everyone speaks English.
He even apologized for it.

Is it because he can do 540 unispins?:smiley:

Nice wee video liked it, glad kris decided to put jimmy c’s on his uni’s :sunglasses:

That was cool, you are smooth. So is your back better now?

I wasn’t being a jerk…I just didn’t understand. An apology wasn’t necessary.

Yea, almost. But there’s still stuff that I can’t do…

cool, you should do a shot with several static street tricks on top of 5 pallets or somthing :slight_smile:

Nice vid man, short and sweet. Good riding… quite inspiring.

Nice film fredrik! It’s good too see some film whitout shit youtube quality(y)

Hey how are thoes Jimmy C’s for street riding? I can’t decide if I want thoes or some Odessy Twisted PC’s. I’m really getting tired of my LX pedals…

Sweet video by the way. I liked the unispin up the pallet :wink:

the pallet part was good

They’re awesome. The best pedals I’ve tried!

very cool vid. What song is that??? I must have it.

De La Soul & Chaka Khan - It ain’t all good