Short Street Ride 2

Nothin big, just some riding with Jacob Spera when he came down to FL for a few days.

See yall at Nationals!

That late hickback up the curb was sexy! Great vid, see you at NAUCC!

awesome! love both your riding :slight_smile: forrest your late flips look sick and the caught treys down the sets are wicked! and Jacob i looove how you fly. and the 180 over net and 270 off the bin were spot on :slight_smile:

ooh lala. So coolio. I am so mad that i wasn’t home for this. Forrest those flips and stuff down those sets were CRAZY. And Jacob is just a pro. I don’t even know what to say. Looked like so much fun. Like i said im really mad i wasnt here.

Awesome! The lateflips over things look so cool, huge jumps and flips too!

Mighty fine riding,hopping,spinning,flipping,falling,dropping,jumping and all that.