short gliding video

gliding has been the most rewarding thing i have learned so far.

06 torker dx 24 /w nimbus frame

Cool gliding.
But one-foot gliding (?) looks a bit funny. :slight_smile:

One-foot gliding, why not :slight_smile: Looks inconvenient but, respect, I think it is more diffecult to learn than “normal” gliding.

haha, i thought everyone used only 1 foot when gliding. i just thought my only difference was my leg hangin out. so when people have both feet on the frame theyre using both of them to slow down? i always thought 1 foot was just resting on the frame.

I think you will find it is alot easier with the other foot on the frame. You still only have one foot on the tyre braking but the other foot and leg helps keeps you solid to the unicycle and helps to controll the unicycle. When you start doing some really fast gliding you need that other leg to help resist the speed wobble from the cranks. I would recomend going towards putting your other foot on the frame. You shouldnt need the other leg for ballance. I can hapily glide down hills with one hand on the saddle and just one arm for ballance, no legs needed.

yeah maybe on the 20" ill learn it but on the 24" i really can’t bring my leg up there.its already hard enough having to bend my one leg that far. my legs are too long or something. ive grabbed onto a rail and jammed my leg onto the frame, but its so stuck up there i cant move my leg at all and its very uncomfortable and all attempts i fell on my tailbone.

I am 6’3" and can glide my 29er just fine. It is a bit harder to get my foot up but far from impossible. Just keep trying and it will come.

hmm, guess ill get started on that. lol.

i think i need to just relearn one footed wheel walking…i one footed wheel walk with the foot off the frame as well.

I think others will agree that it would be worth it in the long run.