shoes for unicycling

Hi there-
Been riding about 6 months - 56 yo - focused on riding distance. I wear a light pair of running shoes when I’m riding. Do you more experienced riders have any opinion about what kind of shoes to wear when riding?


I wear a high top all leather (Converse) runner. It supplies great ankle protection and has a flat even tread surface that makes it easy to move around on most types of pedals.

I’ve been wearing 5.10’s for years, and I as well as many others on this forum love them for the great grip, comfort and durability. My first few pairs were the “High Impact”, because I wanted the extra ankle padding and support.

I switched to the 5.10 “Karver” and I like these a lot as well. They look like a low top, but the inside ankle area is raised like a higher top shoe, so you still get the ankle protection. Highly recommended for MUni but I also wear them for long distance 36er riding.

After my last pair of 5.10’s finally reached their end I replaced them with Mad Rock Fury’s. They are as grippy as the 5.10’s and fit my feet much better. I have “B” width foot, and I have generally just put up with the wide shoes that are available, but I’ve found a good option for narrow feet. It doesn’t hurt that they are half the price of 5.10’s.

As for a comparison they fit a lot like the old 5.10 “high fives.” So, if you liked those the MR Fury’s should be a good replacement. We’ll see about the long term durability, but for now they are holding up great (Spring/Summer riding season).

I wear Vans skate shoes for summer (when wearing shorts) and FiveTens for winter (when wearing tracksuit bottoms), the reason being that the FiveTens (low tops) are very clunky and make my legs look like golf clubs if I wear shorts. Both have excellent grip, the first time I wore my FiveTens my feet became glued to the pedals. The Vans are very light.

This is bad news for me, since I was going to try a pair of those. Too bad I can’t find any shoe stores that carry them, so I could try before I buy! I have a bit wider than average foot, and I even had to stretch my 5.10’s in the toe box area so they wouldn’t hurt me toes! So it sounds like the Fury’s would be way to narrow a fit for my dogs. :frowning:

I searched “titles” using the keyword “shoes” and found 108 threads devoted to this topic. Try those.

harper- now I know about “advanced search”… thanks for your comment. (the regular basic search returned too many items so I said to myself - just ask dude, there isn’t any harm in asking…)

Thanks everyone else for the shoe info!