Shoelace endo

I’ve had this happen before where my shoe lace gets wrapped around the crank arm and then I feel that tug on my shoe at which time I stop and fix my laces. But this time was different. I hopped on my 29” uni during my lunch break to carve some fast turns. Leaning hard into a turn my shoe lace looped over the crank (it’s easier with small cranks) and with no time to react I’m flipping ass over tea-kettle. It was one of those “I meant to do that” moments. I love this sport.

hahaha, yeah, it’s so easy to make a fool of yourself unicycling (: especially at exactly the wrong time.

Tuck your shoe laces in, baby. It only takes a sec and it can save you from a world of hurt.

Re: Shoelace endo

I did something like this on my Summit. I was riding to the starting point of a Christmas parade. I was waving to an elderly man on the sidewalk when the loop of my shoe lace got caught on the nub of my Summit crank. Next thing I knew, I was laying in the street.