Shoe Reccomendations

What type of shoes are good for uni-ing? I have some Chucks and they are horrible. What types of shoes do you uni in???

5.10 hi impact shoes. Low or High top. They are the best!

There was recently a thread the same as this. :slight_smile:

Anway, I wear volleys only because they are cheap and comfortable. :slight_smile:
They dont give much protection though.


any kind of skate shoe will pretty much do the job. i prefer dvs but pretty much any brand will work for you as long as they are well padded and have a stiff sole. most skate shoes have a section of shoes that our older models and they sell at discount prices. i don’t think i’ve spent more than $30 on a pair of shoes

5.10 Impact! I jsut got a pair of those, I love them for Muni-ing, but for street stuff I like the skate shoes better. For Muni, Trials and Coker the 5.10 Impact are awsome. With the High top you have an ankle protection too. Plus it makes Coker traces when you walk:p