Shoe Lifespan

So I tried a pair of Vans for riding. I absolutely love the feel of the shoe (Walking and riding). I got 2 months and 2 weeks out of them before the pin spikes ripped a hole in the bottoms that I could stick my finger through. I can also see where the rubber is pulling away/stretching from the bottom on the other ,so they are dieing quickly. I think they are TOO thin and TOO soft. :angry:

There has got to be something that last a little longer than this??? I ride a little everday, some trials,some mUni


What model of Vans were you wearing? The old school models, which I love for skating, are pretty flimsy and I can’t imagine they’d last long for muni or trials. But the new school shoes, with the thick tongues and leather uppers, seem like they last pretty long (my kids wear 'em for muni).

I use 5-10 Impacts for muni, and they’re pretty tough. Great sole, relatively firm last (but not so stiff you can’t hike in 'em). But they’re also around $100, so a lot spendier.

Here is what I got…

Camacho Skate Shoe

I own a pair of converse duncans i think. The souls have been shredded a bit, but thats just a tread. It stops when it gets down to the flatter part, which is still rubber. I ride with a pair of 661’s. I cant think of the names, but their the most expensive ones they sell at the moment. They are SPD also, so they have metal plates in the souls i think. If not, they have EXTREMELY thick souls. Really good shoes.

edit: Filter SPD’s. IF you buy them, buy them a size big. They come 1 size small.

I like riding in skate shoes, and I’ve gone through a few pairs. My most recent pair has the fine tread like on the inside of your Camacho skate shoe, and it seems to wear really quickly. The next pair I buy will have a thicker tread.

2-3 months is average for how long a pair of shoes last me. I just bought a pair of Lakais and one of the reasons was that they felt pretty solid and wouldn’t flimsy out on me too quick, but they as well are getting broken in pretty fast. I don’t think they are gonna hit the 3 months mark.

However I find thas Vans are not usually the highest quality skate shoes. You might want to look in Adio, DVS, ZooYork. Osiris are some of the most comfortable shoes I have worn but used to be known for falling apart. Not sure what they got going theses days.

Fallen Chris COle Pro Model, Trooper.
I use these. They Also rock my pants.

2-3 months is not acceptable in my book. :angry: MuniAdddict suggested some of these, and they look like the tread is AT least as thick as my pedal pins are tall. It looks to be the Best suggestion so far… I don’t mind the $$$$ as long as they last. Anything that cost $100.00 should make it a year.

I just HATE buying clothing over the interenet. You just never know how it’s gonna fit…

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I think with the problem you had with your vans can be fixed by not buying vans again, I have never worn through the sole in a pair of shoes like that. I have worn down enough tread that for my type of ridding it was time for more grip. Usually what goes are the sides of the shoe from rubbing the crank over and over and over. About when sides are getting pretty torn apart, and when the grip is not so fresh(still there) the whole shoe has turned to mush. As the shoes get old ans soft there isn’t that foot and ankle support I need to have for this sport. I am not at all upset that a pair of shoes only last 3 months… you ever talk to someone who skates everyday? Street/Flat unicycling eats up shoes… thats the way it is. Skate shoes are designed to be grippy, comfortable, padded and have support in the right spots all while being trendy. They do not make them to last one year, the materials just don’t hold up to the abuse extreme sports put on them. Personally I think skate shoes are the best option for me and how I ride. You can always go to the sale rack first and see if there is a 30 dollar option.

I wear Vans similar to these and they have lasted about 4 years. I ride a lot (freestyle, urban, Coker) but I don’t ride hard and I use plastic pedals with molded in plastic “pins”. The Vans and the plastic pedals are grippy enough for me.

I wear hightop Nike’s for MUni. They have flat soles. I ride with plastic pedals which grip well on the Nike’s.

I just use $20 Skate shoes I pick up at Walmart…I think they are called Mike Mcgills or Air Speed…They have many different color variations and work very well for riding…And when they do finaly go out your only out 20 bucks…

You’ll need something with a tough sole coz there’s not much left on the soles of my sneakers and I only occasionally ride with pinned metal pedals. Gliding is bad for shoes, lol.

I rode these HARD several times a week through muni season and they lasted me a full year. In the end the shoe fell apart long before the sole (soul) gave out. Well worth the investment IMHO.

after the shoe falls apart, just use the sole on your next shoe. 5.10 rubber is awesome.

Strange. I’ve been wearing a pair of Van’s Heenans that have lasted me over a YEAR now, and still going strong. Longest a shoe has ever lasted me in my life.

These are the only pair of shoes I own, so I literally wear them everyday, whether I’m unicycling or doing anything else. After a year of all that they are just starting to show a little wear on the bottoms from pinned pedals and gliding, but not much at all.

Mine look pretty much like the picture you posted too…

Here’s the one’s I have. I think we payed $40 for 'em.

i have had orchids for the last almost 4 years.

this is my current pair

these shoes hold up awesome…i always outgrow them by the time the need replacing. A pair about every six months does it for me. Some models have worn quicker than others, but all very durable and pedal traction is unbeatable imo.