shin/knee guards

out of these three what shin guards are the best
1.661 4x4 shin/knee guards
2.661 ricochet full knee/shin guards
3.pryme bootleg knee/shin guards

I read that the pryme is easier to get on and is more flexable then the 661 4x4s. I don’t know anything about the 661 ricochet except I found a great deal on them. The cost the most out of all of these but i don’t know if the are the best

i have heard 661’s are uncomfortable and I have lizard skins and the work well except they don’t go a high as your knee (if your tall) but they work really well.

I am going with the pryme because i don’t really like 661. i have one of their helmets(skate) and i like my full face helmet i got at walmart more. I have never liked skate helmets i have always liked fullface helmets even when I was a kid and rode my bike around

i have the 661 ricochet full knee/shin guards. i do a lot of muni and trials so they are great and have prevented a lot pedal scraps.

though the pryme is some what more flexible. its a good choice.

I’m going with the pryme

I ahve the 661’s and they work great my snafu pedals cant do nothing to my shin lol

I dont get how 661 are un flexable. I can bend mine all over the place, and when I put them on, they dont restrict any movement at all, when I am unicycling I have a full range of movement, and when I just have them on and I am messing around, I still have a full range of movement.

611s arent hard to get on at all, they have more straps, but I get mine on in off in about 1min each, taking them off is a lot faster too.

I have tried the pryme and fox brands and just never liked them as much as I liked the 661s, you just cant beat them.

I have been in countless wrecks, landing on my knees and having pedals hitting my shins, or not making a grab onto a wall and sliding down the edge of the wall, 661s make it so I can barely feel it, they are great, get them.

they are alot cheaper. i found some 661 for $22 or so and the cheapest pryme i have found is more then $30

i like the 661 4x4’s as well, especially the fact that they cover the back of the legs as well as the front. many a time I have hit the backs of my legs and been grateful for all-around protection.

and yes, they are very flexible and breathable, though a little warm once you get moving. they don’t impair movement at all.

I have got 661 4x4 and I like them…:slight_smile:

i concur. they are like the best of the best. i know heaps of people that ride dh mtb, they all wear 661’s.

661 4x4’s are where it’s at. Comfortable, breathable, affordable, protective, and stylish. What else do you need?

4X4’s are great. A friend of mine has the Pryme’s and they are neoprene, which I think would be very uncomfortable. 4X4’s are also more breathable than the Pryme’s.

my little brother has some raceface shinguards… They are the beastiest shinguards ive ever seen, they have thick padding behind the plastic all the way from the top of your knee to your ankle, and have an ultra burly strap system, they dont move at all. the best part, is that the straps around your calf attach to some thick fabric, so most of your calf is protected from pedal bite, but you still get airflow behind your knee. the downside is that they retail for $80… he got them for free, but nothing ive seen can touch these pads

Is no-one gonna say how rediculously hot they are?!

Unless you live in the Antarctic, your legs will be glowing after half an hour.

I’m looking to replace mine because of it.

Look around, try some others. 661s are just way too hot.

I never care about how hot they are, when I am riding for hours, the last thing I am thinking about is how hot and sweaty my legs are getting. I know 4 other riders that use the 661 guards, and none even mention or have complained about how hot they are.

Just wait till winter, then it gets even funner, you take off the 661, and you can see the steam come off your legs and pads. =p

i dont know about all the hype… i got some soccer or somethin kinda shin gaurds

works like a charm havnt ripped or anything, they came with ankle gaurds that are attached, perfect… and all for 11 dollars plus i got to try em on before i bought em i can have em on all day and they dont bother me… just gotta get somethin for the knees

the only problem with the pryme’s (I have them) is that they are VERY hot, being made from neoprene like stuff, and pretty thick, but other then that, they get the job done

I got the 661 veggie shin guards from my lbs. i plan on getting the 661 veggie knee guards to. the reason i got them is because

1.only thing my lbs had in stock
2.If i don’t want to wear like the knee quards but I do want to wear the shin guards I can or vise versa