Shin guards

Three weeks ago, I gashed my shin pretty badly. This morning, I hit it pretty hard on my pedal when I fell off hopping. I want to get shin guards. I can’t find a thread that has addressed these well in most of the last 10 years, and a lot of the older links don’t work anymore, and models have changed. For all around riding, including trials, muni, and some freestyle-ish, what would people recommend? The big things I see are the KH Percussion armor and the 661 Comp AM shin pad. Any other ideas would be great to hear. If it makes a difference, I’m in the United States.

I’m using IXS cleavers which are fantastic, having had 661s in the past the IXS are incredible.

To get them on you have to take shoes off which is there only downside. They have a silicone ring on the inside of the knee caps which stops them slipping down. I have spindle legs and the 661s were forever dropping but the IXS have not moved which makes you forget that your wearing them.

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Thank you.

Has anyone used ice hockey shin pads?

I like my Fuse delta125 and echo 125.


I use the Kris Holm leg armor and have been very pleased with it.

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The KH armor might be overkill, it’s good for front, rear and knees.
If you know it’s just your front shin that needs protection, I would just get some soccer shin pads. Perfect for me when learning early idling and SIF.


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I use ordinary hockey molded hard shell shin pads. They don’t make your leg much wider like some soft pads.

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I use a set of Umbro Ceramica 2.0 shin guards. They were quickly available when I needed them a year ago, and they have served me well. My pedals no longer bruise my shins if I have difficulty mounting.

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Where are you in the US? I have sets of SIXSIXONE arm and leg pads I will give you. I’m coming up on 72 years and, although I see a flight of 30 stairs and want to ride it, I know it isn’t in the cards for me anymore. I’m in Seattle

I’m on the east coast. It’ll be easier for me to just buy some. I’m hoping I can find a local place that sells good ones, otherwise I’ll order some.

They might fit into a couple of USPS flat rate shipping boxes. If so, $24 to $36 to ship them to you. Arms and elbows, knees and shins. How much do they cost to buy?

I think I can get all four pieces into a medium (14" x 12" x 3.5") flat rate box for $18.40. My treat.


Sweet. Love it, @harper !

@JH33 , I also may have some unicycles to donate to you to support your efforts in starting a unicycle club at your university. They were originally donated to be used for a unicycle club my son helped start at his university, and he graduated today. If the unicycles won’t be used by the unicycle club in the future, they will need a new home.


That is an incredible offer! I can’t really take you up on it until the club is actually functional(probably September, because we’re starting final exams), but I am very grateful. How many unicycles is this? Also, our school is in Western PA.

I’ve always worn G-Form knee pads and they’ve saved my knees many times. Last september, for the first time, I hit my shins really hard and I didn’t notice that I was bleeding and I continued for 15 km. 6 months later, I still have deep marks. I found a very good solution that holds in place very well. Since then I never made the same stunt so I don’t know if they really protect from pedal studs, but I can say that it stays in place for 20km without being uncomfortable. it’s $20 on Amazon :