Sherwin Rd. Lenton, Nottm ?

A long shot but…

I was working on Sherwin Rd., Lenton, Nottingham today in a notorious student quarter of the city, and I saw a unicyle leaning up against someone’s widow sill - just the wheel and the bearing caps visible. Is that unicycle’s owner reading this forum? If so, do they want to make contact?

You probably won’t get a reply from the owner yet, but I’ll ask next time at jugglesoc (Joined last week. Woo! Other unicyclists). Out of 5 regular unicyclists in nottingham uni jugglesoc I appear to be the only one reading this. I think it’s 'cause they don’t know about it, although I did mention it so more of us might turn up. There’s one person in St. annes who has a coker but never rides it, which I was quite shocked at. I’m torn between persuading her to ride it more and buying it off her. Don’t know if anyone’s from sherwin road though.

Sadly, we meet on monday’s so you’ll have to wait almost a week. I’ll try and remember…


Well, that individual unicyclist isn’t my real objective per se! If there are 5 in the area, even better.

As far as I knew until today, the unicyclists in and around Nottingham were me, my mate Andy (novice) and Gary (Unicus) who used to post in this forum but seems to have disappeared off my radar. (You out there Gary?) And Gary’s young son and his mate.

So if there are five of you, and any or all of you might be interested in the occasional ride, let me know. I can direct you to easy, moderate and difficult tracks and off road routes within 10-15 miles of the university campus.

(Cards on the table here: I’m unlikely to become a regular at a juggling club, even if invited. I’ve tried juggling and it just isn’t for me. However, unicycling on or off road, indoors or out, I’m your man.) (Mike Wilkinson)


I asked, and no - one in juggle soc lives there. Not only that, but everyone in jugglesoc has 20" wheels so don’t ride outside much. I have to persuade them to ride home instead of walking. I’ll have them riding muni by easter…

Until then, its just me. If you want a ride through wollaton park sometime, send me an e-mail: john_himsworth(at)hotmail(dot)com


I’m still around and still riding (so is my son and his two mates) but I don’t have much time for the Internet lately though I do drop in here for a read now and then (I just haven’t been logging on or posting). We might go for a ride at Bramcote park on Thursday but I’ll definitely be at BUC10 just as long as nothing upsets my schedule (again).


I went round Bramcote park for an hour or so on Saturday! First visit since I saw you there. Rode most of the way up to the trig point and all the way down.

Thursdays are out (dancing) and Wednesdays and Fridays fairly busy. Possibly one Saturday?