shaved tires?

hi, im looking into getting into flatlanding, and have noticed a lot fo the pros (xavier collos spencer hochberg, etc) ride with a shaved wheel. i was just wondering if there is an advantage to having a shaved tire for flatland ? and if so what are they? and how do you get one? do you buy it or is there something you do? if so what do you do? thanks

That is something that is personal preference. It depends on how it feels for you. Someone like Spencer who seems to actually be using more of a freestyle tire at this point is actually using it for smoother rolls and better glides. I have also seen a couple people like Pinczes Bence with the try-all tires that have been shaved in the middle, that would also be someone who is more flat/freestyle oriented than others. Other people like having it with the knobs beacause of added traction on feet and diffrent feel for the hop. People with the knobs seem to be more oriented between flat and street with more spins and flips. The wheelset spencer is currently using is actually a 20 inch wide rim so it has the same stabilty as a 19 inch trials rim but with that smooth style to it. A lot of people are still using the 19 inch rim which is better for flips and seems a little nicer for hops. I would imagine that having the knobs on there helps all around for bounces, ie flip tricks and spins. while if you shaved your tire it would be all around better for smooth rolls and glides.

So this can be beneficial, even though if i wanted a smooth tire i would rather go with spencers wheelset, depending on your riding. If you like freestyle more I might try it out, if you like street more, i would stick with the knobby.

thats how i see it anyway.

You are wrong on this one part. The knobs dont help for flips/spin, it is the fact that it is a 19" that helps for that. After shaving my tire I felt a slight difference in flips/spins. It was easier because of the less weight.

In my opinion the only bad thing about shaving a tire (for flatland) is that it wears out quicker

couldnt you just get a bmx tire instead ?

EDIT it probly wouldnt fit on a trials rim right

Well that would make complete sense actually… but the trials tire is better for hops/bounces than the 20 inch bmx tire spencer uses right?

Yeah, spins and flips included (Unless you prefer a light unicyle over a 19" for unispins).