Shaved tires

I’m wondering what the pros and cons are of shaved tires and if you can buy them or if you have to shave them yourself.


Very smooth feel
Great for flat and street


Bad for trials
May wear-out faster

You will have to shave them yourself.

shaved tires are pretty sick. I want to shave my tire.

Here’s a thread on the subject. It may be of some use to you.



Has anyone tried taking the tread from a 20" freestyle and gluing it to the carcass of a 19" tire?

You won’t have the weight savings of a regular shaved tire but it would last much longer. When/if I get my uni with the shaved Luna back I might try this.

Might have a mess about in a minute, I have 2 shaved 19" tyres, and a 20" KHE Premium Mac 2 that’d look cool on one.

When I took the tread of a tire to put on my homemade tire casing I discovered you can just peel the rubber from the casing once you are started.

I started trying to skin it like you would when filleting a fish but peeling worked way better.

I figured that before I get into it, I’d try to fit the 20" KHE tyre over the shaved CC. It looks like the CC is a slightly larger OD than the KHE, the CC is tight inside the KHE yet the CC overlaps itself by an inch or two. The KHE Mac2 is about 20x2.2", I don’t think there are any larger freestyle tyres about. I don’t know if any other 19" tyres have a slightly smaller OD than than CC does, if any do then they could be worth a try.

so do you think it would be a good thing to shave my tire once it gets pretty worn out?

I put the tread from a 24" tire on a 26" tire casing to see if it would work. It worked much better than i thought. There was about 8% stretch.

I am sure that putting a 20" tread on a slightly larger 19" tire would work very well.

WHampson: I shaved my Luna when it was about 2/3 worn out and loved the result. Of course it also shortened the tire life.