Shaun Johanneson and Kelly Hickman.

Here is the video that we made when I went up to Shaun’s house last week. I was there for 10 days. This is mainly just the riding part of the trip. Soon we will have a video up of the riding plus the hangout footage. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for letting me come up there and stay Shaun. I had a blast. Also thanks for editing it all and putting it on the web.


That was awesome, great riding from both of you. You can tell how well you two get along just through your riding haha. That set at the end was massive.

that is such awesome riding keep it up

Wow! That was great:D

That last 11 set UPD looked like it really hurt at first.

Wow you guys are crazy. I liked the sidespin or whatever its called. And that last set was extreme.

Gotta land that 11 set flip kelly, shame.


nice vid man

Wauw, nice vid Kelly.
Those crankflip to rail were so nice.
And those 12 set crankflip attemps were so cool.
I think you can land it, realy.
Nice vid

Peter M

Guys, that stuff is all so sick! Shaun, I’m glad I got you going on the 3s to grind. The flip out was deadly. And backflip to blind… awesome. Your 540s are getting pretty clean, and your 3 lateflips are so full and perfect…mmmm.

Kelly… flip to blind on that rail? That’s sick, I’m stoked! I love how you were wearing my shirt on the 11 set flip tries, a little big street inspiration?.. also, your 180 in, 180 out looked sweet, because your 180 in was alley-oop. That’s so awesome! Your style is getting so much better and you’re starting to define yourself, keep riding hard.

I’m watching this at work in India, so I couldn’t put the music on, but I’ll try again when I get back to my guesthouse. Guys, lets hook up somewhere next year and ride, the 3 of us. That would be deadly.

And Shaun, I hope there’s some good stuff at FLUCK for us to ride! I want to get in on this tech grind stuff, but add my own flare of course. Hope there’s a good rail and a good ledge! See you in like 18 days or whatever it is.


Kevin McMullin

maybe north carolina?

great vids guys. the UPD down the 11 set looked like it stung a little!!

btw who was the third rider in the background at 2.23?

This is the Shaun Johanneson I love and how come I never knew that Kelly was so fucking awesome? Good job guys…

That vid was so sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!and the quality was so good to be on youtube ,still i wounder if you going to put up any dl link :roll_eyes:

that 11set is huge…the crankflip to grind on that rail is cool…

I liked it realy much especialy the 540 and the 11 stairs crankflip. Has Shaun tried it also? And did you land it without a crankflip?


I did sess jumping that set before, awhile back about 2 some years ago after I got my nimbus profile… I got to the bottom twice but never rode outta it. Expect it to be flipped, or at least attempted, haha, after FLUCK sometime. I don’t want to get injuried before hand. That vid that was suppose ot be out tonight takes to long to edit, lol, it’ll be released tomorrow morning (6/23) Sorry about that. Wanted to do the whole project in one day. Spent too much time at the river.

-Shaun Johanneson

im glad u guys got to hang out, you must’ve had a good time. you guys were in sync with each other even off the uni. great riding from both of you. especially that 11 set. i thought ya had it. but eh, you’ll have plenty more 11 sets to crankflip. keep up the sweet riding.

That was great. I’m glad more people are doing 540’s now, seems like it sure took long enough…

And Kelly’s out treysideflip… that was so smooth…

That was amazing!! I loved it so much!
The siren was so funny!

There was actually not flip in that. Just a sidespin, still sick though.

Kevin McMullin