Sharpening the Razor

A small pay rise this week, and I decided to, er… what do you young people say, er… pimp my ghetto uni, or something.

I ordered Prowheel 102 mm cranks to replace the cheap steel ones that were on it. Saves about 125 grammes per crank.

I ordered an alloy seat clamp with hex bolts instead of a cam lever. About 75 grammes saved.

I ordered some shiny chrome dust caps.

And to make a good job of it, I cut a bit off the bottom of the seat post and saved about 75 more grammes.

Total saving, 400 grammes - almost a pound. Hardly spectacular when my Camelbak changes weight by 1500 grammes as I drink the water, but I think it will be noticeable in some circumstances and will make the uni more responsive -especially the cranks as they are rotating weight.

Be that as it may, the main reason was for the looks.

A bit of bad luck: although the mail order was as prompt as ever (ordered Tuesday evening, arrived Thursday morning) I received two left-sided cranks. :frowning: No complaint - mistakes are made - but a bit disappointing.

Anyway, I’m not sure how well the photos will turn out, but here we go. First, the unmodified unicycle.

This shows the comparison of the new 28mm tyre and the old 35 mm tyre:

And here’s the uni with the new components (missing the right crank:( )

Trying a slightly sharper image:

Mike, it looks real fly.

I think.

Is that an air saddle, or do all your distance riding “au natural”?

Re: Sharpening the Razor

We is diggin’ your ride, man!

I was however reading your post hoping you’d mention a nice new knobbly 29er tyre in there somewhere, but alas it was not to be…


Man, it’s the most on the coast.

pdc: The saddle is standard Miyata, not an air saddle, and good for at least 51.7 miles as long as I don’t wear padded shorts.

Yes, but remember, that 1500 grams is still with you…for a while. The 400 grams is gone.

How wide are the “standard” road racing bike tires?

Unless of course you put Perrier in your Camelbak, in which case it goes everywhere…

Unicus will know who I mean.:smiley:

23mm :wink:
There are some racers who uses 20mm, but not everyone likes it… No-one who’s serius with the bike roadracing are using a tyre wider than 23mm :slight_smile:

Watch this space. I’m skint at the moment, but the next big idea for the uni is a skinnier rim and tyre.

A great moment - the fountain of froth.

Must at least meet up for a drink some time, and hopefully for a ride. Life is slipping past at an ever increasing rate.:frowning: