(For some reason, my last thread didn’t show up, so here it is again. My apologies if this is redundant. My apologies if this is redundant.)
After 3 months, I finally have finished my unicycle!
As some may recall, I won the grand prize (mostly for luck, not skill) at the Moab MUniFest; a custom-built stainless steel Steve Howard frame. It made me so excited to build my own MUni (I have been riding a POSchwinn for everything from freestyle to MUni), but being a poor college student, I lacked the funds. Until recently…
It ended up being much cheaper than I was fearing. First, I got the frame and hub for free. Then, as a graduation present, one of my friends gave me the KH seat. Because of that, I felt I could splurge on the black spokes.
I named my MUni the SHAKH NAS (Steve Howard and Kris Holm, Not A Schwinn) after the frame’s creator and the design he copied, and it’s definitely not a Schwinn!
Anyways, I should probably stop talking and show you a picture instead. Here’s a picture.

Sweet! I’m going to make my cycle tape a picture of the SHaKH Nas over it when I ride.



Very nice.

It showed up in Unicycle Product Reviews. Apology accepted Apology accepted.:slight_smile:

Have a great time with it.

Looking good.
Do you know what the weight of the frame is? Specifically I’d like to know what it is compared to the KH frame.


Very ugly and I am amazed you would even consider riding it Paco.

Box it up and send it to me in Tennessee. I will see that it is destroyed. Take this as a lesson, “Try harder building your next unicycle, and maybe you will not have to send it to me for scrap.” --chirokid-- PS: Just to help you bear the hurt, I will pay the shipping! :smiley:


Whoops, I forgot to add, I love the name.

Maybe one day I’ll be cleaver like that. --chirokid–

Unfortunately, I haven’t had too many KH frames around to compare it to. Steve Howard might know, since he made it. All I know is that it’s much lighter than I keep expecting it to be (compared to my piece of Schwinn, that is).

Oh, and Chikroid, I would send it to you, but I don’t have your address. I guess I’ll just ride it for a while, take it up into the mountains and see if I can’t get it covered in dirt so no one will see how ugly it is.


So is that pronounced “Shockness”? I hope so… Toss a 3" Gazz on it, and it will be the Shock-ness Monster.

Nice ride Paco. After watching (and timing) you cranking your way up the “Short Course Uphill” challenge in Moab on that POS, it was great to see you win the frame and know that there would be much great playing in your future once you upgraded your instrument.

Hope I see you at a festival soon so I can bum a ride on it…


I really shouldn’t do this (at least, not if I don’t have more money by then), but because I got my new MUni, I’m seriously considering going down to the California Muni Weekend in October. If I don’t end up there, I definitely will be back at Moab next Spring!

Re: Re: Re: SHaKH NAS

Admittedly I’ve been out of the game for a while, but isn’t that what student loans are for? Get thee to California! I know it’s tougher for you kids today…in my day the Reagan Cheese was flowing abundantly, and between cheese sandwiches for breakfast and lunch and “liberated” 7-11 burritos for dinner, life was good. Oh, and we got to unicycle to school…downhill, both ways.


I wish I had a “Shock-ness Monster” --chirokid–

I do know that it’s a stainless steel frame, and probably weighs in at slightly more than my Semcycle XL Wide frame… it’s not the lightest you can come by, but not bad, really. The coolness factor easily outweighs the weight. If that makes any sense whatsoever. It’s also custom… you can’t buy this frame. Only win it in a competition. Or, I guess you could have won it, but you’re too late. :slight_smile:

Come one now, it wasn’t a competition; it was a game, remember? All I know is that Steve Howard donated the coolest prize of them all, and I couldn’t have been luckier to be the first one to pick something. And thanks to Tomblackwood for being the timer on the uphill race. Did you get that $50 I put into your paypal account for fixing the competition-- er… game? I couldn’t have done it without you.

Sshhhh…the walls have ears.

Paco - It’s great to see that MUni finally put together. It’s cool that you built your own wheel too.

Paco won the frame at the “awards” dinner at a chuck wagon type resturant just outside Moab. The dinner routine was that everyone went to a small outbuilding to buy tickets for the dinner in the main building. There was a long line of people waiting to get their tickets and while my wife and I were standing in line, me holding the stainless frame, Kris Holm came by after buying his dinner ticket.

He noticed the frame, did a double take and said “What have you got there?”. The first thing I thought was “BUSTED!! Here I am holding a bootleg KH frame and here’s KH himself!”. I said “Well … (long pause) … this is a stainless steel KH copy I made”. He took it and gave it a good looking over. I said something like “It’s a rip-off of your frame. I would never actually try to sell it - I’m donating it as a prize”. He was super gracious. He’s the nicest guy …

Paco, by chance, was the first winning “gamer” to pick a something from the prize table. Of all the things that he could have picked he grabbed the stainless frame to the applause of the whole room!

Steve Howard