Setup for Night Muni Rides?

I’d like to start riding some muni at night, since I don’t always have time for day rides. I don’t do well with heat, so coolness in the dark… I love it.

I’m wondering for anyone else that rides at night, what do you bring? Tips are appreciated too.

I’m thinking a light mounted to my helmet as well as a light mounted to my seat tube would be a pretty good way to light up the trail.

I found some old threads, but portable light technology has come a long ways since then.

Helmet mounted light is the easiest, though suffers from not giving you useful shadows to judge bumps etc. The problem with seat tube mounted is that your legs tend to get in the way - you’ll tend to get a lot of moving shadow from them which is pretty distracting.

I made a light mount to fit under the handle to move the light a lot further forwards to try and reduce that - it seems to work. Post Your Current Projects Here is my first version for use with my old home-made light - the second version was a bit of plastic pipe bolted on in the same place for use with a commercial lamp designed to bar mount. However that’s not on any more as I now have a brake and haven’t worked out a good way of fitting the light along with that, so I’m back to just a helmet mounted light.

There was a thread not to long ago entitle something like “Night lights - I have to rave about these” that was recent. It had some recommendations.

What about mountain lions???!!!

I tried some muni last night without any lights - I DON’T recommend it!

800-1000 lumens, helmet mount, remote battery pack. Start at dusk so can warm up as it gets dark, ride trails you know, and take your time. Some of my hardest falls are at night due to loss of depth perception. Also, don’t forget to duck a little lower :wink:

A light on the frame/seatpost and one on the head is the way to go from my experience. This helps with the depth perception and also shows where the unicycle is pointing not where you head is pointing (which is not always where you need light - peripheral vision is useful for balance).

Disadvantage of lights on the frame is that you need to learn how to mount with your eyes closed as you get blinded by the light as you mount!

Another useful thing for night riding is glow sticks threaded in to the pedals so you can see them in the dark and also finding the unicycle when you loose it down the mountain :-/


They make reflective tape that you can put on your uni don’t they? So if you lost it down a hill you could shine your light around and find it easier?

I think this is the stuff

I’ll be riding on a Leopard tire, so no worries.

Generally Mountain Lions avoid humans, but it is at night… Maybe trails that border on urban areas would be the best idea.

You are assuming that the fall leaves your lights working… you are obviously not working hard enough! :wink:

I agree the reflective tape is good, but I have found that the glow sticks work better for me.

I was assuming I had a light on my helmet. But I could always carry a small spare light in my pack.

I’ve riden with an ancient NiteRider HID system and with a MagicShine. Both were mounted on my helmet and did just fine. My night vision is not very good so the more lumens the better.

I just use cheapo LBS-brand front/rear lights (the three-LED type) on my seatpost, along with a cree light strapped to my head. the LBS lights light up the immediate floor area, while the cree looks wherever I do (Plus has a wide spread on it for seeing around you - If you want even more, you can buy wide-spread lenses too) This seems to cover all the bases for me.

I don’t ride anywhere super-crazy at night, just things like farm/cattle tracks, but down that way there are zero street lamps and so if you turn your lights off you’re blind! It was fun to try it at first with just LBS lights, but I think the headlamp has made it miles safer :smiley:

I did Elsbet night ride with LBS cheapo leds on my seatpost and Petzl eLite+ headlamp which is definitely not strong enough. I finished the ride, but it was a pain. But maybe not seing everything was better sometimes as I got really scared the next day when I saw how steep the route is to the side.
Then during MuniRace I was riding the night ride with 180 lumen headlamp ( I could do with something giving more light, but it was comfortable enough to see the route. But the routes there in Nove Mesto are extremely well prepared and marked and rather even for forest paths, so it was probably easier than regular muni.

When I’ve used a frame mounted light I usually switch it on after mounting. Not that easy with all designs though.

I’ve ridden rarely at night, but it’s much better now that I have my Serfas True 750 Lumen light. I mount it on my helmet, it’s awesome. I dont think I even ever used it at 750 as it just feels too much to me (and I want to keep my battery as long as possible for the ride). Having a spare battery is always good.

A friend of mine has Ay-Up lights, he has one set on his KH T-Bar and another set on the helmet. I’ve never ridden his setup but it looks like a car!