Setting up your own "trials" obstacles?

What do you guys use for home made obstacles? I set up a kind of fun little setup today. I layed a bench on it’s side so it was a foot high, ran a board up it like a ramp about 3 feet long with a couple inch gap from the end of the ramp to another bench, (right side up) which was parallel to a little 6" high wooden crate. After a good bit of practice, I hopped up the ramp, over the gap to the bench, dropped down to the crate, down onto my driveway and rode away. It was really fun. What do you guys use for setting stuff up? Just misc. boxes, etc.? I’ve heard of people using those big wooden cable spools? Is there anything in particular I should try to strive for in making a setup? Any suggestions on things that will help me develop unicycling skills would be appreciated. Thanks much.

find the pictures of andrew carter on this website.

Don’t try this at home.

i dont have my own obstacles, unless I can steal my mom’s exercise step… hm… ahem. i just go around town. theres this place with about 5 really broad steps. each step is about 4 feet long, and that is a good place to get hopping practice done. up a step, hop sideways to the other one and repeat. I’m lazy so i dont make my own, and even if i did make my own, i have no room. I recommend riding around town in search of new riding venues. But that’s just what I do… (I love some of those homemade obstacles. they look like great fun.)

i would use…

i would use wooden pallets ( i built my own teeter totter to!!)

The City of Pittsburgh is my Trials Playground, I dont have anyplace to store props so I just kinda find things arroudn the city that are fun to ride on,

I keep an eye out for anything that has a nice gap between it. Or things that just look fun to ride on. Many places that are popular with skaters are also great places to uni.


I agree with Checkernuts that many of the places that skaters go are also great for trials. Down the street from my house there is an area which has some stairs and on each side there is also a three foot ledge. And there are only 4 steps on the stairs, so its good for gaps and hopping up/down. I frequently see skaters there, and I have started going too.

Also, I find that the skaters who actually have skill dont insult me and my trials uni.


It sounds like you’re into the same sort of trials unicycling as me. I love trials because you can be really creative with your obstacles and so on. Firstly…

Here’s a link to them - There are some fun ideas there to try.

That sounds like heaps of fun and I’ve been looking out for some over the last few weeks but I can’t find any.

There are a few photos from one of the local school fetes in that gallery. I can’t wait until the next fete whe nI’ll have my 24" custom unicycle and a lot more sleepers and other trials and northshore obstacles. A lot of the stuff that I love doing is really homemade northsore.

Good luck with your trials riding. I haven’t been riding for very long but from what I’ve noticed, it only gets more fun as you go along.

Andrew Carter

When you are first starting you can use cinder blocks and milk crates, you can jump onto them, over them, between them. They are good and semi-portable. The downside is that you will quickly outgrow them, even if you stack them. You can also put boards between the blocks, the thinner the better. Ladders are another fun toy, lay them down flat or tilt them at an angle and jump around on them. I find my favorite thing to do though is just ride around campus or downtown.

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I just took a few more videos then with some northshore and trials things. It was another fun unicycling session! I’ll put them in my gallery at that link I mentioned before in about an hour.


Re: Setting up your own “trials” obstacles?

Just find some trials bikers in your area, they’ll show you around the urban