setting up for jumps

I’m pretty much a newb, but progressing quickly. When I jump i have to either have my right pedal forward or at the top. I’ve been practicing my jumps with my left foot forward at the top, but as of so far, the wheel barley leaves the ground and I usually end up on the ground. This really restricts how successful I am at jumping up or down stuff.
Sometimes I’ll line up a jump by placing my pedals where I want them to be and then wheeling my uni back a bit and then ridie forward. However, if I don’t ride perfectly straight, things get out of whack pretty easily.
In videos of some of the better riders it seems like they can jump pretty much anywhere in the rotation of their pedals.

Do you (personally) line up your jumps or just jump whenever the time is right?

for rolling most good people can jump with their front foot somewhere close to being flat. what you might not see is the cruve their roll ups so they get perfect footing.
i jump whenever i get footing or close to it which i usually get because i curve my roll ups to get it.

Taken from another post where someone asked the same question:

I am definitely going to have to give #2 in that thread a chance. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t lining up.

Heyyy… that we me :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… I jump with my right foot in back, and i am kinda starting to learn to turn right before the jump, but once u kinda get the idea, u do it without thinking :smiley:

I get to where I want to jump, then ride backwards untill I have a good run, or if im feeling lazy, I get to that spot, do a 180, then ride away in a straight line, find a good spot to turn, do a 180, remember that spot for future reference, then go for it. Works every time.

i disagree w/ the whole pick your uni up thing.
hop in place, ride backwards REALLY STRAIGHT, dismount, mount, fly at it, and LAuNcH it!

if you cant ride backwards, line it up forwards hop around 180 so ur facing the wrong way, then ride forwards to where you want to start from, hop 180 again to face the right way, then go…
if that made any sense…lol

The post above the one you quoted (mine) said the same exact thing.

sorry i didnt see it… whoops…


EDIT: I always mark my spot, either visually or physically. Ill usually just spot something on the ground, like a stain or a crack and know to always start in that spot and it will always work. Or, if its on the grey/white-ish concrete, I can just use my tire and make a rubber mark where to mount at.

Nothing new here I just eye ball it and curve to get it. For most things that is. If I want to do a rolling 180 off a set r drop I rde up/ride back and do it that way.

I’m still not that great at rolling hops unless my right foot is in front. But I’m not worried about street/trials, I’m more into rolling hops as used in muni riding.

For muni, when riding singletrack that has a log or other obstacle, that curving strategy is not always possible. I feel I must be able to hop from any pedal position, so that’s what I’ve been working on. As I get better at this I realized that, with some speed, I can generally either have left or right foot in front and hop, and my speed helps clear the obstacle. So it’s really not needed to be able to hop from any pedal position (like a top/bottom position), just either foot somewhat forward.

For rolling hops, especially begginners, you generally want to have your strong foot in front of you as you begin to hop.

But if you would like to learn how to hop on either foot when their in any position just go faster. When you go faster your momentum helps you to hop easier and your footing doesnt matter b/c it all happens so fast. You just have to go for it:)