setting up a computer on MUni


I am getting a computer for my Muni for Christmas.

I think I will get CAT EYE CORDLESS 7 - I like the idea of having no wires!

I was thinking. I am going to put it on my MUni (26" with a 2.6 Gazz on) but when I set it up, should I put the wheel size as 29", as the tyre makes the wheel much bigger than 26"?

Just a little wonder going through my brain.


Best to measure it, although, I’ve found Cateye’s values given in their manuals to be pretty accurate.

To measure it; it’s best to start from a given point, move the wheel so that it rotates, say 5 revolutions, measure the distance and divide by the number of revolutions. (You enter the circumference of the wheel into the computer).